Day 85 Getting ready for Intro and Lima Beans

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Yesterday I went to (remind me to tell you about the lima beans) a baby shower. Of course there would be food there, and I figured there would be nothing there that I could eat. I brought an avocado, a banana, and some almonds [affiliate link] to carry me through.

I was right, there was nothing there I could eat, and I did good and didn't cheat.

There were two ladies there that I knew, and I sat with them. They work together and they were on a diet together. They were talking about it and the one lady said she had lost 19 pounds in the first two weeks. They were taking some kind of pregnancy hormone drops that they said would cause the fat in their body to do something. I can't remember exactly what, but they told the baby shower recipient that it was like her body was doing, taking from the fat cells so her babies were constantly getting nutrition.

Anyway I took a look on the Internet today, not because I'm interested in doing what they were doing, but just curious about it. Well, I guess the other part of the “diet” is you only eat 500 calories a day. Well, that is a starvation diet and you're going to lose weight on that few calories a day no matter what kind of “drops” you are taking.

I am so thankful to have found GAPS.

Oh, yes, the lima beans. Thank you. I bought some dried lima beans a couple of weeks ago, and I soaked them overnight. All the skins were popping off, so I guess I'm starting to get some OCD or something because I decided to just remove all the skins. Might have too much fiber, right? I cooked them for a couple hours, hit them with the stick blender and put in some butter and salt. They were delicious. But not too long after that, my blood sugar dropped. I haven't felt that in such a long time since starting GAPS.

I ate fruit only sparingly for years because it would affect my blood sugar. But now I can eat bananas and I don't get a blood sugar drop. Thank you GAPS Diet.

Today I made a mistake and ate a mango on an empty stomach and it turned me really grumpy and tired. So I will have to remember not to do that again.

I'm still gearing up to do Introduction next weekend, and I should have some more daily news to report other than the same ol' same ol' that's been going on lately. I used my 16 quart stockpot to cook five chickens worth of broth today. I will let that cool overnight and bag it up tomorrow. Then I just need to get a good stock of vegetables on hand.

I'll be making a big pot of stock next weekend, too, but this way I'll be stocked up in case I get really tired.

Next weekend should be interesting. The following weekend I have a wedding to attend. Another place to go where there will be nothing I can eat. That's okay. I'll survive.

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2 thoughts on “Day 85 Getting ready for Intro and Lima Beans

  1. Hi Starlene!
    Have you tried eating a piece of fruit with 2 tablespoons of butter or coconut oil melted over it? It’s suppose to really slow down the release of sugar in to the blood stream. It would be a good experiment to try the mango with some fat and see if your blood sugar drops again.
    Natalia 🙂

  2. Hi Natalia! I haven’t had a chance to try this because I started Intro a few days after your suggestion. I still have some mangoes on hand (need to freeze them!) so I will definitely try this when I can have fruit again.

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