Link to Sam’s Autism Progress at SAHMville Blog


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On my show today with Baden, we talked a little bit about Sam’s progress, and I promised I would link to his mother, Janice’s blog SAHMville.  We both agreed watching the video had moved us to tears, sweet little Sam, how grounded and calm he is in the last video.

Janice has also posted some more recent videos from just last week, April 11th with an update for 14 weeks into GAPS.

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3 comments to Link to Sam’s Autism Progress at SAHMville Blog

  • Jen

    Starlene, Thank you for sharing the videos of Sam with us. My husband was thoroughly impressed with his progress and the power of the GAPS diet. It is amazing, and I am so thankful that Sam’s mother was able to discover GAPS and help heal Sam from autism. Incredible!

    I enjoy your GAPS blog!


    Starlene Reply:

    @Jen, isn’t that amazing? I just cried when I saw the improvement for Sam. Just the thought of what food could do his little body… what it’s doing to other little children… and how by simply avoiding certain foods and following the GAPS nutritional protocol, they too could be healed. It is just wonderful and I’m so thankful for Dr. Natasha and her GAPS diet.


    Jen Reply:

    @Starlene, It is amazing. I wish that there were other people that would follow it for their kids with autism. It’s sad to think there are children suffering with autism when it could be helped with diet.


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