Up in the Middle of the Night

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Shhhhh. It's the middle of the night. No wait, it's 4:10am; I usually get up to get to work at that time! But I wasn't planning to get up until 7:30 this morning, so I'm going to say it's the middle of the night.

I had a couple of things to say. First, when I woke up I felt hungry. Sometimes when I wake up in the middle of the night I simply cannot sleep. It is so aggravating. If it is a night where I don't have to go to work the next day I might get up instead of just lying there, trying to sleep. And almost always, in about two hours, finally, my stomach demands food, and the hunger is quite strong.

I think that is because my blood sugar dropped and then there is some weird confusion in my body – because if I'm hungry, I should feel hunger. Also, I think I should feel some signs of being hungry, prior to being voraciously and “stomach hurting” hunger pangs all of a sudden. But I don't. In fact, food doesn't even seem appetizing, and the thought of putting food in my mouth is the last thing I want to do.

So, getting up to pee, and realizing I am hungry, is different. I have been getting rather low carbohydrates for these days while on intro I wonder if that has anything to do with it.

I still have my big pot of soup and bones on the stove, on very low heat. There is no room in the fridge for this big pot and too much soup to try and cool it down without heating everything else in the fridge. I am curious to see how much/if it will gel for me. I definitely need to make a pot of soup for dinner and get my family to help me eat some of it.

I had a nice bowl of boiled chicken and some boiled carrots and onions [affiliate link] so I dropped some of that into another bowl and ladled on some hot broth. Mmmmm. Yummy goodness.

As I sat down at my desk, I had a stomach pain and some cramping. Not sure what that was about because it stopped as soon as it started, and I don't typically get stomach cramps.

I am sitting at my desk and the ceiling fan is on overhead and causing the most delightful breeze which is soothing since I am now having a hot flash.

Last night I had a second bm, this is unusual for me to have more than one per day. I have had lemon juice in water a couple of times during the day, simply because it seemed like something special to have and a few minutes ago on the GAPShelp list I read that one lady says she knows of some elderly friends who make a habit of drinking lemon juice in water to help with regular bms. Hmmm.

Oh, my hubby found me two fish heads last night at the grocery store!

Unfortunately they are farm raised, but from the US. He didn't think to check while at the store. I am going to use them to make some fish stock later today.

I have never made fish stock with fish heads! I wish we had someplace to go fishing, and I wished I were a fisherman! Only went a couple times as a youngster. My mom knew how to fish and kids can fish without a license, or at least they could when I was a kid. Not sure about nowadays.

Two years ago I would have gagged at the thought of touching or having a fish head anywhere near me. Now I'm planning to cook two of them.

Wow. How's that for a constant stream of consciousness?

I had better get back into bed. See you tomorrow.

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2 thoughts on “Up in the Middle of the Night

  1. Back on track!! Awesome! I have never made fish stock ever either. I would love to hear how it turns out. I’m going to try that lemon water trick tonight to see if it helps me. Thanks for posting that. I think my body needs a 2nd BM and I have never been one to do that either. My friend says that it stimulates bile production and that’s why it helps. I think it really helped me out a couple days ago. So, off to try it out!


    Starlene Reply:

    @Gina Malewicz, well the 2nd bm didn’t happen last night. I haven’t tried my fish stock yet. I did cook it super slowly yesterday until the two fish heads completely disintegrated into pieces. Will strain out today and see how it tastes and let you know! 🙂


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