My Testimonial Over At Life Is a Palindrome

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Sarabeth from Life is a Palindrome kindly asked for my permission to post a brief testimonial of mine that I'd written for the GAPShelp list. I was honored, and gave her permission to do so. She has included my testimonial (actually she also kindly allowed me to edit my first submission, lol, so you see here a bit more information, with less slang-type language and no typos, lol) here: Why Do People Do This Crazy Diet? Introducing Starlene!

Sarabeth recently included an update on her GAPS journey at her blog, it is a wonderful testimony to the healing power of GAPS! Her post: Hormones, Theatrical Events, and Even More Thoughts on Human Health. I just love reading about others' success stories!!



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2 thoughts on “My Testimonial Over At Life Is a Palindrome

  1. I thought I’d comment here because it is the latest post. I have been neglecting all household duties (except cooking) for the past two days because I have been reading your blog. I finished reading day 160 and my kitchen is still a mess :). You are such an inspiration! I really want to start GAPS for my little guy who is currently on a rotation/elimination diet. I feel this is something our whole family could do so he doesn’t feel so alone at mealtimes. Thank you for sharing your journey! I love your writing style and how honest you are. My house is screaming at me…but I know I’ll be reading for at least another 20 minutes. 🙂

  2. @Tiffiny, hi, hi! Oh boy you have been busy reading! I’m so glad you are hanging out reading my story, I’m honored. I hope you are able to get started with GAPS and I’m sure it will work out great for your family and your son. I think it will be a lot easier for you to have everyone eating the same foods, and I am sure your son will appreciate have the rest of the family in the same boat. 🙂 Thanks for commenting and spending time reading my story, hope to chat with you again soon. Best, Starlene

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