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Liver Lover Recipe by Kate

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A list member posted this liver recipe and she graciously gave me permission to post her recipe here:

Liver Lover Recipe by Kate

Cut up livers into uniform pieces and discard greenish bits. Place in a sieve and mix gently with lemon juice, salt and pepper, finely chopped garlic and finely chopped herbs (thyme, sage, rosemary, whatever you like). Marinate in the fridge for up to 12 hours.

Saute a couple of large onions in whatever you use (ghee, lard, chicken fat) and when soft and sweet, add livers. Saute until no longer pink. Add tomato passata and/or red wine and/or broth (delicious with all three) and simmer gently until the sauce is reduced. This should still leave the livers pink inside – especially if you cut the pieces biggish. I always add lots of crushed raw garlic at the end. If there’s any left over, blend with lots of butter for a great pate.

Thank you, Kate!

I have tried two variations of Kate’s recipe. First you should know I am pretty bad at following recipes!  But Kate’s recipe actually sounded good when I read it, and tempted me to try eating liver once again.

The very first time I tried Kate’s recipe, I not only soaked* the liver in lemon juice overnight, but I dumped the liver, marinade and all in with the onions.  What a pungent experience that was! I ended up blending the liver and onions, adding butter and then eating a tablespoon or so for the next few days.  The taste of it kind of grew on me… and before I knew it I was ready to try cooking another piece of liver.

The next time I tried it, I soaked* a piece of liver (about one-quarter cup total) overnight in lemon juice with pressed garlic.  The next morning I sauteed one large onion in butter until soft and sweet. I drained the liver, then trimmed off all the skin from the liver, and I cut the liver into 1/2 cubes (which later after it was cooked I ended up cutting each piece into smaller pea-sized pieces).

All in all, it wasn’t too bad at all!  I did have to have a teaspoon of sauteed onion for every pea-sized piece of liver.

But I do have another piece of liver in the freezer now, this one is more like 1/2 cup!  I am planning to make it this coming weekend, and I am going to try to follow Kate’s recipe more closely and see if I like liver any better.

I am a dedicated liver hater, and trying to mend my erroneous ways. :-)

*Note that Kate’s recipe does not call for soaking the liver in the marinade.

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