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Brown Butter Spice Cake from Nourishing Holidays e-book

brown-butter-spice6418b Guess what? My affiliate partner Jaclyn Harwell is the author of Nourishing Holiday, an e-book packed full of holiday dishes that are sure to please your family and friends, regardless of whether they are on a “special” diet or not! 20% Discount with Coupon Code GAPSJOURNEY Right now (for a limited time) you can get 20% off with a special… Read the rest
My 49th Birthday Cake

Recipe Review: Modern Alternative Mama’s Buttercream Frosting

My 49th Birthday Cake The Frosting This is part two of a series of posts reviewing recipes and products I tried out on my birthday. So my most favorite frosting in the world right now is from Modern Alternative Mama and her post is called: Refined Sugar Free Vanilla [affiliate link] Buttercream. I made one full recipe to frost the cake above and was so completely… Read the rest