Day 41

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I am amazed that I'm at Day 41. That is life though. How it flies.

I always like being at home more than the days I work because it is so much easier to eat! For breakfast I had 3 scrambled eggs [affiliate link] with diced bell pepper and onions [affiliate link] (sauteed in butter until soft). Yum!

Lunch was 1/2 a head of cauliflower, sauteed in butter and cooked about 25 minutes until tender. Then I had my frozen banana with some coconut milk [affiliate link], an egg yolk, vanilla [affiliate link] and a sprinkle of cinnamon [affiliate link]. Oh man. So delicious.

For dinner I grilled hamburgers and bell peppers. I also had a small bowl of sauerkraut (so yummy after sitting in the fridge for a couple weeks). Dh made some white beans. He isn't sure if they are navy beans. I ate about a cup and a half of them and was enjoying them a little too much, meaning wanting more more more of them, so I hope they were navy beans, and maybe I should not have them, maybe they are a little too starchy for me.

I also had two small almond biscuits, those are sooooo tasty. I can imagine they would make a wonderful pie crust.

My mom called me three or four times today. She is very excited about GAPS! She just started reading the yellow book and loves what she is reading. She is beginning to tell all my siblings about the books and the diet and how I've lost ten pounds.

AGH. LOL. I don't even know if it's ten pounds. I told my husband tonight, “My mom told my sister I've lost ten pounds,” and my husband says, “How does she know you've lost ten pounds?” Then he looked somewhat alarmed, and said, “Oh, she thinks you've lost around ten pounds.”

I am still off my asthma medication (Flovent). Some nights I have some phlegm/congestion in my throat and a couple of times there has been some wheezing, but I was able to clear it up by clearing my throat. In the past, the wheezing would just get louder and make it impossible for me to sleep.

Lookee, lookee!! These are my feet!! These are my feet wearing sandals!! I have not been able to do this in over two years! Yes, I kept most of my old shoes. I'm not a “shoe person”, I just keep a few pair. But I liked these. I put on some Size 20 capri pants that haven't fit me for several months (and fit great this morning so it's not like I'm a tiny thing, hah) and I thought I can't wear my “casual men's wear” shoes with capris. And I decided to try my sandals. I am so stoked about my feet not hurting.

Me in sandals!!
Me in sandals!!

Well, I didn't get to take a nap today, so I am going to get to bed early. But first I'm going to take a detox bath and I also want to study up on Baden's book regarding Introduction.

I am so thankful to have found GAPS. I still am having trouble believing that it seems to be working for me. Like I've said before, if the only things that change for me are being able to sleep for nine hours and my feet not hurting, that will be enough!

I am starting to think of things I would like to do, which is a good sign for me that I'm not exhausted. I am usually too tired to think about holidays and we don't really go all out for holidays, but this year I am seeing the hearts and stuff and beginning to feel like I want to have a romantic Valentine's Day with my hubby. Since we have no idea where we could go to eat out (which we never really enjoyed eating out that much anyway), I asked dh if he would like to go on a picnic for Valentine's Day. There is this *mountain* close by that we have wanted to check out (*mountain* I must be feeling better if I'm thinking about going to a mountain!) and I asked him if he wanted to see if we could try to find out how to get to it. He's game. 🙂

I was thinking we could take his work truck and tie the gas grill in the back, bring some veggies to grill and some steaks. Maybe some cut up fruit? Peeled grapes? 🙂

Okay GAPSters, are you planning a special meal for Valentine's Day?

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