Is My Leptin Reset?

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These are the signs that leptin sensitivity has returned, according to Dr. Kruse:

  1. Men will notice quick weight loss.
  2. Women will notice mood changes first (calmer/sleepy) and their sleep will improve. Their clothes will fit differently but weight may not change drastically initially because of effects on the pituitary. This will change too if they continue moving forward.
  3. You will notice a change in your sweating pattern.
  4. You will notice you have better recovery from exercise and your energy levels seem to have risen.
  5. Your hunger is gone and so are your cravings.
  6. When you awaken you will feel very refreshed like you slept well.

Generally when the signs are all present, I then really push HIIT exercise with heavy weights.

Number 1: I'm not a man, but I lost 10 pounds in eight weeks doing the leptin reset. In December 2010 I was at 181 pounds, and during 2011 I was at one time as low as 176, but by October 31st I was at 184.4. I am now at 174.2.

Number 2: I have noticed mood changes, and my sleep has improved. This got worse before it got better. My clothes are fitting differently. I'm not sure if 10 pounds would be considered drastic, but after maintaining my weight for the entire year I'm happy with ten pounds.

Number 3: I still am not sure how to notice a difference in my sweating pattern. Should I be sweating more or less? We aren't supposed to work out or exercise during the leptin reset, and it's winter here in Arizona so maybe once the summer rolls around I'll find out if my sweating pattern has changed. Again, should I now be sweating more? I've never sweated heavily so it will be interesting to see.

Number 4: My energy levels are better, not anywhere near where I hope to see them but better than before the leptin reset.

Number 5: This one, definitely yes. It has been so exhilarating to get to the point where I can skip lunch, and I'm not a slave to food. For someone who for years had to eat every few hours, and bring food with me everywhere, this is huge. Now I should say that being on GAPS for about one year brought about the freedom to eat only three meals each day, but there were often days where I needed to have a fourth “meal” or a snack, and night hunger happened fairly regularly. The night hunger is still an issue, although I have had several nights where I did not have to eat during the night.

Number 6: As I laid in bed this morning, having slept for more than nine hours, having woken only once to urinate and was not hungry during the night, I tried to assess if I felt refreshed. When I think of feeling “refreshed” after waking, I tend to think of what I've probably seen on television… the person is lying there sleeping and they wake, sit up and stretch and jump out of bed, eager to start the day. I'm not to that point yet. But I do feel better these mornings when I've had plenty of sleep. Right now I am waking up each morning with a sore throat but it seems to go away after a few minutes, so I'm not sure what is going on. Maybe my body is fighting a virus.

I have just been taking it easy today since New Year's fell on Sunday it is a paid holiday for me.

I still haven't decided how to proceed with the leptin reset… while I ponder what to do I think I will relax a bit on the carbohydrates but continue with the big protein breakfast.

I've updated my About Us page and have added a recent photo. 🙂



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12 thoughts on “Is My Leptin Reset?

  1. Hi Starlene,
    Thanks for the update. I hit a point about a week ago when I suddenly wanted to exercise. I’m still very low energy and have joint pain thanks to my Lyme disease but before that point I never wanted to stand up and didn’t care what the house looked like. I just wanted to be left alone. Now I am enthusiastic for the day. I do wonder if your work schedule is making it hard for you to fully reset your leptin and heal your adrenals. I have the luxury of being a sahm so I can sleep in if necessary and never have to get up super early. I’m thrilled for your weight loss. I haven’t stepped on the scale since I started the leptin reset so I’m not sure about weight but I can tell I have lost some because of how my clothes fit. BUT I have slacked a tiny bit with the bab the past few days and am getting hungry in between meals. I also never got to the point where I could skip lunch although some days it was fairly light.

  2. @PattyLA, I also meant to say that I noticed the sweating change when I started working out again. I was doing T-Tapp before the reset and while it is deceptively vigorous I would not be very sweaty when I was done. The first time I did T-Tapp after the reset I was dripping in sweat mid way through the second exercise. It was quite dramatic and not what I am used to. I have 3 more FIR sauna sessions planned and I suspect I will be much sweatier than I was the first time I went 2 months ago.

  3. Wow Starlene, you look awesome! Really… and I’m so glad about your son. DH has been cutting back on sweets and carbs in general so he might be moving towards a Paleo-style diet. That would be great!! I think my 7 YO DS would benefit greatly from that example. I hope your husband takes more steps towards health in 2012.

  4. @PattyLA, one day I felt well enough that I helped my husband clean out an area of our bedroom and worked for several hours helping him put up a shelving unit.

    I also wonder if my job is holding me back. I adjusted my schedule with permission from my boss and I am supposed to be working only six hours a day, and I am not waking to an alarm at all but sleeping until I wake up which is usually about 7:30 or 8. I hate it, but I am usually getting to work by 10:30. My boss is okay with this and I even talked with the CEO last week and he asked if there was anything more he/the company could do to help, and he did mention he’d been thinking of hiring someone to help me. THAT would help me immensely since much of my stress is the craziness surrounding not being able to get caught up.

    Dr. Kruse says we can go down on the protein, way down, like 25 grams for breakfast, I think is what he says. But yesterday I had what I thought was 7 ounces of chicken thigh sausage that my husband made and I got up really late (10:30) and so didn’t have breakfast until 11am. Boy was I messed up for the entire day! It turns out hubby had made the sausage from not only chicken thighs, but pork and hamburger, and the protein count on those are lower than thigh meat so I ended up with only 28 grams protein for breakfast. I was hungry within 2 hours and I’d thought I would be fine until dinner so I didn’t really have enough time in between 11am and dinner to have another meal but I had to eat something as I was starting to feel awful. I finally had a few slices of Hormel natural ham around 4pm and then of course that wasn’t enough again and was uncomfortable until I finally ate dinner around 5:30. THEN… I was hungry, famished hungry by 10:30 so ended up eating again. I checked my calories for the day and was only at 1200 so it seemed to me that I was undernourished for the day and decided to eat instead of trying to make it through the night without eating. It was a messed up day and proof to me that I still need the BAB, and maybe should continue with most of the leptin reset.

    I am a little concerned about keeping my carbs to under 25 grams, so I am going to try and increase them to 60/day.

    I just looked at my food diary on, I started tracking on November 6th (started the reset on Oct. 31) and over those 56 days I skipped lunch on four days in November, and eight days in December. Lunches were light on most days, like 6 slices Hormel natural ham or a tin of sardines.

    I also tracked eating after 7pm (mostly this was middle of the night waking and needing to eat) and of the 56 days, 32 of those nights I slept through the night without waking up with the awful middle of the night hunger/not hunger. I was just thinking I should study my food diary and see if I can find anything that correlates to the night waking and what I’ve eaten.

    Thanks for your comment, Patty, it definitely sparked more thought process on my part.

  5. @PattyLA, thanks for sharing this about the sweating pattern. I haven’t worked out in a long time, I just haven’t had the energy. Actually in May 2011 I bought the Zumba workout. Haha. I tried learning some of the routines but I don’t have much open space in my home and it didn’t work out so well in my bathroom on my laptop. The routines kept freezing and I’d have to wait for the laptop to catch up. 🙂

  6. @Magda, thank you so much. 🙂 I’m so excited, I can wear three inch heel boots! The ones you see in the photo are my new brown boots and my calves have gotten small enough that I can wear “normal” people boots. I hope I’m not making myself look ridiculous being that I’m almost 49 years old! I think I can get away with it because I don’t look 48. Anyway, yes, I was so thrilled to realize my son is pretty much on full GAPS. I think he is still getting some illegals and I saw him sneaking a hunk of french bread just yesterday. I need to make him some almond flour bread or coconut bread so he doesn’t miss bread so much, and need our other son to hide those illegals better. I also hope my husband can stop eating some of the sugar and crappy stuff. He totally LOVED those almond flour chocolate chip cookies, but the big problem there is I can eat them too and they were too tempting. If I could make them and not eat them, I could at least get him eating those instead of buying Little Debbie Swiss Rolls and eating those by the box. He is drinking three cups of broth right now because he injured the soft tissue in one knee and I told him drinking broth would help that to heal faster. Thanks for the sweet compliment. Hugs, Starlene

  7. Hi Starlene,
    I just checked out your new photos on your about us page and you just look wonderful!
    Happy New Year,

  8. @Abby, thank you for the sweet compliment. 🙂 My hubby bought that sweater dress for me and I got the necklace and boots from Most of their jewelry was on sale 3 for $10 (usually $6 to $8.50) and I had a 10% off coupon so the necklace was only $3. Hubby got the dress on clearance at Target for $17 (he’s quite a bargain shopper and has an “eye” for what looks great on me, even when I don’t think so myself before trying it on). The boots were buy one pair $27.50 get a second pair for $15.50 and then my 10% discount, and free shipping! I haven’t worn the dress to work yet because I need a longish sweater vest or something to cover it up a bit because it is a bit too revealing all by itself and I wouldn’t feel comfortable. Thanks again, I hope you have great success in health this year!

  9. wow! love hearing about your leptin reset experience and seeing how FABULOUS you look!!! i think i’m going to do the leptin “after you’ve become sensitive again” diet…i naturally am hungry for breakfast, then not hungry again till dinner, anyway.

  10. @churyl, so wonderful to hear from you! Thank you for the lovely compliment. How are you doing? You would love the leptin reset, the Big A** Protein breakfast, you protein lover you. 🙂 Hugs, Starlene

  11. wow! amazing that you remember! i wasn’t thinking i needed to do the reset. my only complaints are eczema (it’s back with a vengeance) and sugar cravings. and i could use a bit more energy. i could stand to lose about 5 lbs, i guess. not sure if i’m already leptin sensitive from 1.5 years on gaps, or not…

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