Sticky Widget: Cooking at Work and My Boss

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My boss is a sticky widget for me and this diet. I have a love/hate relationship with her. She's 70 and as is to be expected, rather set in her ways. She thinks I'm a bit loony for not having a microwave at home, but of course she would never tell me that to my face. That information comes from my son, who also works for her. She probably just grunted or something when they were talking about warming food at home. We use a toaster oven to warm plates of food, at least, Younger and Eldest Son use it to warm food. I always just use a pan on the stove. Anyway, I have a food service card, so I am allowed in the kitchen at work. But I am afraid my boss is going to say something to me. I am planning to bring my own pan so I won't have to use the giant ones from the kitchen. And my son is the cook, and pretty much runs the kitchen. So it really shouldn't be an issue.

I'm just afraid she's going to think I'm a weirdo. I did tell her we were going to be trying an “elimination diet”, but I don't want to tell anyone at work. I know how I think about people when they go on yet another diet. I think, “There she goes again, on another diet. It's not going to work this time, either.”

I don't want them to see my fail.

Actually though, I've never been on a diet while working at this job. I do sometimes eat kind of funny, and for many years I brought my own lunch because the lunches were not very good. Now that my son is the cook, he is preparing the food differently (not letting it sit in the steam trays for hours and hours so it is fresher tasting), so I have been eating lunch for the past year. It saves time, that is for sure, to not have to prepare lunch at home. And I'm sure has saved us some money over the past year.

There is also plenty of yogurt at work. Good stuff, too. Not just cheapo store brand, because we get a lot of donations from places like Trader Joe's and Whole Foods sometimes. Food that was returned, like cashew butter that someone returned. They can't resell it, so it is donated to places like ours.

So I've been depending on the yogurt for snacks, and eating lunch there. That has to change now. Conveniently, or not, in the next few weeks we are on break and my son won't be cooking. However, that raises the chance that people will be going out to east fast food, or bringing it back to the office.

And that includes my boss. She'll be there next week, and will likely spring for lunch at least one day, and will expect me to join in.

I guess I need to tell her as soon as possible that I've started this “diet”.

When I told her about it, I told her it was mostly for my husband and Eldest Son. She was pretty happy to hear we were putting Eldest Son on a diet, as she says she worries about his circulation. So maybe I can sway it that way, that I have to do this first, so I can know how it's going to be.

The other thing is I sometimes work at her house on Mondays. I'm off today, because I worked Friday. But the days I work at her house, it gives her much happy pleasure to cook breakfast for me. She makes these delicious omelets, but unfortunately they contain some things that are not approved. Like American cheese, deli meats, and worst of all, she is a strong believer in using margarine and cooking sprays. And she uses non-stick skillets.

Anyway, I always clean my plate like a good girl. Even when the serving is too much, I always eat it all up. That makes her happy that I'm such a good eater.

Yes, apparently we have a bit of a dysfunctional relationship.

So I guess the first order of business is to let her know I'm on this diet. That will surely become a known fact to many people at work. At least I had the first week to myself.

I guess I need to give her a list of things I am allowed to eat, in case I have to work at her house. I need to explain to her that I may not be able to eat any unapproved foods for up to two years.

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