Day 263 – I Can’t Bring My Food On the Plane

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Oh boy… I just found out that no food whatsoever is allowed past security, unless it is in a checked bag. So we are going to do that, so at least I will have my beef jerky, nuts and dried fruit with me while on our vacation.

Thankfully I'm able to tolerate cashews or almonds [affiliate link] that have not been soaked and dried – I know they are not “legal” but they are one of my “cheats” and I know I can tolerate them. When I'm at work and I don't bring enough food I'll get a little bag of cashews from the Circle K. I hope someplace in the airport will have them. I'll buy a few bags of those from the airport mall when we leave and that will have to do while we're in the air. Or maybe there will be a burger place that has 100% real meat burgers and I can get a lettuce burger. 😉

This is going to be a short report. I mean, I need to make it short. Because I still need to go through my list and make sure I have everything I wanted to pack. And I need to get to sleep!

Tuesday morning I decided to step on the scale. My original plan for August was to “fruit fast” the entire month, and step on the scale the morning before leaving on the plane. But then I started drying the jerky, the nuts and the fruit, and eating it.

Can you guess what happened? I tried not to be upset by it, I was, well, upset to see that I had gained two pounds. I'm at 292 192.

I am sure it was the dried fruit, nuts and beef jerky that I kept “tasting”. Also on Tuesday I brought an avocado, about one ounce of crispy cashews and two cups of vegetable soup. As a result, I didn't eat enough.

And then my air conditioning didn't work on my hour drive home. I felt like I was having a heat stroke by the time I arrived home – my vehicle showed the outside temperature to be 120°F – and I was also starving hungry. I scrambled myself three eggs [affiliate link] along with some leftover vegetables, went into my bedroom and laid on the bed in front of the fan and slowly ate the yummy and nourishing food. I didn't have the energy to remove my clothes, they were half soaked anyway from sweating on the way home.

I was also tired, since I had trouble getting to sleep on Monday night, and then woke at 2am on Tuesday morning and felt like I didn't sleep until finally getting up at 4am.

After I ate, I laid there for a few minutes and I think I fell to sleep and then I woke up shivering cold. I covered up and slept another couple of minutes and then I had to get up, since I still had to go vote.

Anyway, finally when we got back home from voting I had some work to do on my computer and I was having trouble with it, you know how that goes. But I did force myself to take a detox bath with magnesium at 8:45, even though it was way past my bedtime, and I still had to get up at 3:30am to milk the goats.

This is a jumbled mess of a post, I know it.

Today wasn't too bad at work, mostly because I got done with what I had to do and was able to leave two hours early. I drove by the airport to see where we will be parking our car, and then had to go to a couple of stores.

I bought myself a new swimsuit, since I hope to get to swim somewhere one day while we're gone. I bought myself a new swimsuit because I couldn't find mine.

Then I found out I couldn't take my food on the plane and my MIL told me I should just bring a small suitcase with my food, so I was digging through my closet to find a small satchel that coincidentally she gave me a few years ago, and I found my old swimming suit.

I'm going to stick with bringing my new one anyway.

My New Swimsuit

I probably won't be posting for a few days, so I will be sure to report how things went when I get back!


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3 thoughts on “Day 263 – I Can’t Bring My Food On the Plane

  1. Hi Starlene!
    I stopped by to get your avocado mayo recipe. Fun to see a picture of you 🙂

    I just wanted to mention to you that for me, fruit is appearing to be detrimental to my weight loss. When I eat fruit. I gain. This week I cut out fruit and lost 6 pounds. It blows my mind b/c it seems backwards…but I guess I just can’t handle the sugars!


  2. Hi Kelley! I hope the recipe works out for you. Funny but I guess I’ve always thought of fruit as being “dessert” and learning through GAPS that it is possibly a lot sweeter than it ever used to be, that makes a lot of sense that eating fruit would keep weight on us. Great on your weight loss! I am trying again to stay off fruit this month. It’s hard to get off it once I’ve been having it. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

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