Day 144 – I Found a Food Coop and Joined

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Whoot! Actually I contacted Azure Standard last week to find out if they delivered to Arizona, and a representative got back to me by email with a contact.

I was really reluctant to get in contact because I have belonged to food buying clubs in the past and it was always mandatory to “work”. Years ago, when I was in a food buying club, I had the time to volunteer. Now I absolutely do not. And I don't see my husband wanting to get all chummy with a food buying club.

I was so pleased to learn that things have changed a lot, and maybe that has to do with the way Azure handles things. Back in the day, you phoned in your order to the person running the club. The delivery arrived, everything packed together. Everything had to be separated and split up, and you wrote out your check to the main person.

Not with Azure. You order online, and when the truck arrives, all your items are labeled with your name so it's really simple on the club members.

The family running the food coop that I joined doesn't require membership fees, or to volunteer any time. This could change one day if the coop were to grow much larger, but for now they say they can handle it.

We get a delivery once a month, and they also order from several other natural food companies, so this is pretty cool! I do need to order a minimum of $50 and I need to order at the very minimum every six months. I would love to order once a month, but I will probably order every 2 or 3 months.

Tonight I tried to make mayonnaise. I had it emulsified, all was going well, then I got stupid and dumped in the last half of the oil and whammo! No more emulsification! Drat! I even put in an avocado and that didn't help one bit.

Yesterday and today at work I had cantaloupe and honeydew melon for the first time in a long time and it caused me to have a rumbling tummy and gas. So I guess I need to go more slowly. I had about one cup.

I had better get to bed.

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2 thoughts on “Day 144 – I Found a Food Coop and Joined

  1. Hi Kat,


    I do use an immersion blender. Actually the link you provided on your blog post is what inspired me months ago to try making mayonnaise but unfortunately I failed using that exact method.

    I have been successful by adding the oil very slowly. Everything was going great, emulsification had occurred and then I dumped in the rest of the oil, thinking it would be okay and it’s like everything broke.

    I “started over” last night, with another egg yolk (twice) and my fail safe solution is to add an avocado. Nada. I was SOOOO bummed. I finally stopped trying when my blender was getting hot in my hand. I figured it couldn’t take too much more blending. lol

    Thank you for commenting, and maybe I will try letting the mixture set out for a few hours to come to room temperature tomorrow or Saturday and run the stick blender through just to see if I can get it to fix.

    My hubby said we could use it for salad dressing and I said that would be fine, but there was 1 1/4 cup of oils in the mixture. He was aghast. I think he still can’t believe all this fat is good for us.

    Thanks again!!

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