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Day 50

Not a lot to report. I can't believe it's been 50 days.

I have been needing to use my Albuterol (rescue inhaler) at least once every 24 hours, one day I needed it every 12 hours. I asked on the GAPShelp list for some input on asthma and GAPS. During off list conversation it came up that maybe I'm not drinking enough water.

I have never worried too much about drinking “enough” water, have just gone by thirst. It's easy in the summer to get enough water, but in the winter I just don't drink very much at all.

I took a “how well is your asthma managed” test at the Advair website and I scored a 21. It says my asthma is well managed. Okay. That sounds good. My asthma/allergy specialist wants to see me in February. I am apprehensive. He might not like this new “plan”. I would love to stay off the corticosteroid. I am afraid it might mean going off butter.

Also, a list member shared that Albuterol probably has a GMO corn additive or something in it that could cause problems.

For breakfast ES and I had scrambled eggs [affiliate link] with onions [affiliate link], bell peppers and zucchini, along with almond flour [affiliate link] pancakes. I don't think I ate lunch, I just snacked on the leftover eggs and pancakes. Dinner was grilled chicken breast, asparagus (oh dear is asparagus allowed?) and a salad with Avocado Mayo Dressing. I love that dressing and the magic of how it emulsifies.

I had some sauerkraut with breakfast. I notice my asthma kicks up a bit after eating sauerkraut.

Today was stressful. I had to get W2s and 1099s done. What a hassle when you don't have a professional accounting program to do the printing for you. I won't go into detail but suffice it to say it was stressful.

Speaking of stressful… I told my son I'm going to try to go to church next Sunday. I don't think I've been this year at all. Then I found out next Sunday is our congregational family dinner together. They usually order from this one chicken place. It's one of the places that does roast chicken.

I don't want anyone to know I'm on a diet! Especially not my church brothers and sisters. My son says we can just say we have to leave before eating. That's the whole point of the meal, to eat together as a family.


I am tired and must go to bed. I feel like I'm flailing with the diet. I'm not getting my broth every day, I forget my cod liver oil which isn't even the right kind. It's the old style Blue Ice, not the fermented. And I soaked liver in lemon juice and garlic planning to make it today but never got it made.

I guess that's okay. I'll have it tomorrow.

I just need to get more organized.

Oh. My husband noticed me eating store bought pickles. I don't know why it didn't occur to me they might not be legal. I guess I thought “vegetable” “fermented” must be safe. Not.

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Day 25

I had a horrible night. I am tense with worry over my milker and the stone in her teat. I should have gotten up and taken some kava kava, but I didn't. I finally managed to relax my shoulders and neck so I could sleep. After midnight. Then I was up at 4am. No feeling of hunger, but I know when I wake up this early, it's hunger. I realized I haven't been having my daily broth! I pulled out a frozen cup and sauteed some mushrooms. Very delicious.

I'm going to have to go back to bed soon. It's 6am and my husband just got up. I will have to tackle the stone in the teat by myself, later on this morning as he has work scheduled for today.

I just feel horrible for my milker.

I think I ate too many cherries last night and messed up my blood sugar levels. I have been avoiding fruit pretty strictly. I will need to remember this. It seemed to cause cravings last night.

More later.

I finally got up again at around 10am. My mom had called me, wondering where we get our beef bones – to make stock! I told her we have mostly been focusing on chicken stock.

12:18pm. Thanks be to Jesus! I finally got the milk stone to come out! I was so nervous and upset that I was literally shaking physically. I made sure to have something to eat before I went out, I had leftovers: two carrots, a bit of cauliflower, about half cup of green peas and about an ounce of roast beef.

I used the crochet hook again, and poor girl, I was trying to see if I could get hold of thing somehow. Since it is a little piece of calcium, it's sharp and I was cutting the inside of her teat so she was bleeding a bit. I started crying, I hate causing them pain. She was so good though, just kept standing still for me. She was headlocked into the stanchion on the milking stand. I tried again to squeeze the thing out by sheer force, nothing. Finally I thought maybe we'd have to just resort to what my husband and I had discussed earlier… just let her dry up. I am loathe to force dry my girls, if they are continuous milkers, I want to foster that. I'd rather milk my girls, every single day and get a quart or half gallon, than to have to worry about what to do with the kids, year after year.

Anyway, finally I decided to get into my normal milking position (the affected teat was of course farthest from me so I had to work from the opposite side). I sat down and took hold of her teats and began to milk. And two squeezes later, the tiny little thing popped out! I almost shrieked with joy. I stood up and danced around, panting and laughing. I had brought my cell phone out. I found the stone in the milk bucket and took it out. I sat down and milked her once more, to make sure I wasn't imagining anything, and her teat is free and clear! I called my husband and gave him the wonderful news. He was relieved.

I feel so much better, but drained.

Here is a photo of the stone with a gold safety pen, a cherry pit and a penny for representation of size. If you know what hulled birdseed (millet) looks like, that is the size of the stone. Hardly enough to cause all this stress and commotion!! Click on the photo to see a much larger version.

Milk Stone

I had to lay down and take a nap after all the excitement and emotional stress. I slept a couple of hours and got up by 5pm. Hubby had arrived home so we went out to milk. Such a relief that my girl is okay and I can get her milked out!

Dinner was stir fry.

OOPS! Accidental breach. I didn't consider bean sprouts would be on the non-approved list. Okay, pretend there are no bean sprouts on the plate and it will be full GAPS. I “riced” cauliflower so it would look like we were getting to have rice, which we always would have with stir fry. I sliced the meat thin, sauteed it in butter which made a delicious sauce to pour over the veggies. The veggies were onion, carrots, bell pepper, cabbage, mushrooms and the NON-approved bean sprouts. No soy sauce. Hubby asked what about soy sauce, I said I guess you get to use sea salt [affiliate link]. 😉

Stir Fry

The top sirloin that hubby brought home had a LOT of fat on it. We aren't very good at eating that kind of fat, so usually I would trim the meat and the dogs would get an extra special treat (we feed RAW anyway but the don't usually get top sirloin). I took what was left over, ground it in our Kitchenaid and put the ingredients into it to make Italian sausage. It has to sit 2-3 days in the fridge in an airtight container so the flavors can marry.

In spite of the stress of the day, I still had the energy to make sausage, which isn't the simplest thing to do. I was on my feet a lot in the kitchen, and it is just so fantastic that my feet don't hurt!

Tomorrow's update may be late. I made extra dinner so I can take it for lunch at work tomorrow. I need to get to bed because I have to get up at 4am. OH, the sauerkraut was done today and I put it into the fridge. I also started some pineapple vinegar.

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Day 16 – Breach

It was an accident on my husband's part. He was trying to do something nice and made chicken soup for breakfast for ES. I was offered a bowl, and accepted it. The broth was delicious and the chicken breast was pretty tasty. It also had cut green beans and bright orange carrots. Then I got a piece of chicken that seemed like it had a layer of fried skin on it, and I braced myself for the sensation of fat in my mouth, and that was when I realized the chicken breast had a coating of flour on it. Dh says he found some chicken breast that YS had brought home from work, and he scrubbed off all the coating. <Alarm, panic!>

He didn't realize how strict I've been with my diet for the past 15 days. I've now ingested flour, and no telling what else was in the coating. MSG? I'll have to ask YS what was in the coating. I halfway suspect it was the chicken he cooked for himself last night, which was coated with Caesar's salad dressing.

Well, I didn't get much, so I guess it is my 1 teaspoon or so to see how it reacts in my body.

We talked again to ES this morning, as he was hacking and spitting, that we have to start eating a new way. We have been slowly cutting him down on pasta. I need to get into the cupboards and get rid of at least all the “white” pasta. Like me, he doesn't seem to like the wheat pasta as much. ES acted sad and distressed about our discussion. After dh made him the soup, he sat there and looked at it for a long time. Then he finally got up, went into the kitchen and started a pan with water heating, and came up with a small bag of macaroni. Dh and I looked at each other, now dh knows how I've felt for the past few months when I try to make something “nutritious” for ES and he goes and does his own thing. At least there was only about 1 to 1.5 cups macaroni in the bag. I just need to clear out the cupboards.

I don't want to make this any more of an issue than it needs to be. I do not feel it's fair to have food in the house that ES can cook and eat, if we don't want him to have it. He simply cannot conceive of why he can't have a certain food when it's right there. I would say he is probably at the level of understanding of a four year old in this regard. We are trying to explain to him that it will help him stop feeling bad.

More later.

After I stopped eating the soup I wasn't hungry for a while. Then I had a couple tablespoons of the liver concoction. It is nearly gone. I don't want to keep it around for too many days without freezing. I had a coconut milk [affiliate link] smoothie after that.

I forgot to mention in previous posts that I started taking my Cod Liver Oil again. Today will be day three if I remember to take it.

12:52. I also took Kava-Kava yesterday, and today. I am working from home today. My job should not be this stressful. My boss has been letting me work from home on Mondays, instead of driving 65 miles (one way) to her house because *she* works from home on Mondays. My normal drive is 50 miles (one way). The CEO came to my office on Thursday and asked me if I was going to be working at my boss' house “next week”. I said I would be working from home on Monday. He said, “Working from home?” He does not like for us to work from home. No matter if you get more work done, if you are trusted implicitly to get your work done, he doesn't like it.

I almost wish I had a diagnosis for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, because I think that would be a definite help in continuing to work from home. It makes my work day eight hours long, instead of eleven or twelve or thirteen (for the driving, getting dressed, etc.)

Okay. Well, nothing much to say right now. I will report back later though.

3:19pm. I was done with my work at 2pm. I am hungry now. YS made popcorn! I told him in exchange for making popcorn in an attempt to tempt me (he invited me to have some), he was going to have to help me clean my SUV. Besides, he already agreed to help me with that sometime this weekend. I have this really awesome parking spot at work, it is so wonderful during the summer when the interior of vehicles in Phoenix can reach temperatures of 200°F. The only problem is I have to park there every day I'm there, or I “lose” the spot, and during this time of the year the olive trees which I park under are frequented by birds, who love to eat the bitter things and then of course they poop black/purple all over my vehicle. My vehicle is 13 years old, soon to be 14, and the finish is still very nice. But I don't need to have olive bird poop making things any worse.

Then I have to milk. I'm hungry again. I need to find something to eat. Maybe some steamed vegetables.

More later. Maybe.

4:55pm. Back in from milking. YS helped me wash my truck. And what do you know, there's cloud cover. It may rain. That's okay. I really needed to get it cleaned.

I think I'm going to make some burgers for dinner, I guess fried foods really aren't appropriate but I'm too tired to think of anything else. I think I'll be steaming some cauliflower, too.


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