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What I Will Count As Success

This would be my wishlist if we were able to stay on GAPS until we heal our damaged guts.

These are the most important things:

  • I would love to have more energy, this is the most important thing, even if I remain at the size that I am now. At least I could get more done than just sitting at the computer and maybe be more effective when I am sitting at the computer! I know what it feels like to have energy. I actually can get something done! With no energy, I just feel like I can barely make it through the day.
  • I would love for my son with Down Syndrome to stop needing to hack and cough and spit frequently. He seems to be plagued with a lot of mucous. We also suspect that post nasal drip is draining into his stomach and at times causes him to feel nauseated.
  • I would love for him to lose weight. He needs to lose a lot of weight. It worries me a lot.
  • I would love for my husband's ulcerative colitis to be completely healed.
  • My husband complains of not having enough energy, so I would love to see his energy level rise.

Here are some others that I would love to see eventually:

  • I would love to lose weight. I weighed 225 two years ago, and suspect I have gained more. I will ask my husband or son to get my weight prior to starting GAPS. I just step on the scale and have them look at the number, and keep it to themselves. I probably need to lose a minimum of 80 pounds, maybe 100.
  • My husband could stand to lose some weight, too. He is in good physical shape, and active, but I suspect his gut issues are causing him to be overweight.

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