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Happy Valentine’s Day 2010

I was realizing today, Day 71 into this healing protocol, since I'm the only one on this “diet” I am now on kitchen duty for almost every single dinner meal. I'm a little frustrated by that realization because before I was on GAPS I wasn't the only one who could cook. Now it just seems easier to leave it all up to me.

It doesn't help that Younger Son, who used to do a lot of cooking is now focusing solely on and indulging in SAD for all meals. I hope he sees the light one day.

Today we had grilled steaks (ribeyes on sale from Safeway for $3.99/pound) with the faux-tato salad, hearted beets and asparagus. I did make the Linzer Heart cookies. The cookie dough cold is divine. I had visions of making a banana dream smoothie and then toss in little squares of cookie dough.

I have been going through a terrible dilemma trying to decide whether I should go back on my Flovent. Finally tonight I just was at my wits end and decided I was going back on it. What's another six months or the rest of my life?

Okay, enough of the gloom and doom, on with the pictures of our meal and the cookies!

I bought heart cookie cutters in January so I could cut heart shapes with my organic beets. Aren't they pretty? I actually used them to stencil hearts onto a card for my hubby.

Heart Beets
Heart Beets

Faux Potato Salad

I thought the faux-tato salad was a fair substitute for potato salad. One of my favorite foods, but also one known to make me feel exhausted after eating. I mixed heart beets in the salad, and I decorated with a few on top. I did make the mayonnaise and it was delicious! I used the Spectrum white palm oil, 3 egg yolks, 1 Tablespoon and 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar and 3/4 cup of white palm oil and a few tablespoons of extra virgin cold pressed olive oil. Good stuff, but it does get hard as a rock once refrigerated.

  • 2 cups steamed cauliflower
  • 1 rib celery, chopped
  • 1/4 cup chopped onion
  • 1/2 cup mayonnaise
  • fermented pickles, diced
  • mustard, optional
  • black olives, optional
  • green onions [affiliate link], chopped, optional
  • 1 large beet, steamed, sliced and cut into heart shapes
Chop steam cauliflower into potato sized pieces, or you can “rice” the cauliflower. Add all ingredients except the beet shaped hearts. Mix. Top with the cute little hearts.


Faux-tato Salad with Heart Beets
Faux-tato Salad with Heart Beets

Here is a photo of my dinner meal. I like my meat still mooing. 😉 Too bad these weren't organic, grass fed cuts, but they were still delicious.

Grilled Rib-eyes, asparagus, faux-tato salad and heart beets
Grilled Rib-eyes, asparagus, faux-tato salad and heart beets

Linzer Heart Cookies from Elana's Pantry

I thought the Linzer Heart Cookies were fabulous. I used Elana from Elana's Pantry's recipe, but had to tweak it to make it GAPS legal.

Follow Elana's ingredients list, but use honey [affiliate link] instead of agave. Also, I used butter instead of the grapeseed oil. I think grapeseed oil is GAPS legal, but I haven't bought any yet. Also, here is how I made the “jam” for the cookies.

Jam Substitute

Cook the apple and strawberries until soft. Blend with stick blender and add teaspoon honey. Add almond flour to thicken, if necessary.

Linzer Heart Cookies
Linzer Heart Cookies

These are the Heart Cookie Cutters that I use to make the cookies. The Aspic / Jelly Cutter Set has the 1/2 inch heart cutter which I used to cut out the hearts in the beet slices.

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Day 36

What a relief. I was worried about my boss and what was going to happen when I go to work at her house. On Thursday she said I needed to come to her house on Monday (I sometimes work from home on Mondays instead of going to her house), so I wondered what we were going to do. She loves to cook and for several weeks I went to her house (when we first started working at her house on Mondays several months ago) and every Monday she made a new and special breakfast. And lunch! And she knows me to be a “good eater” cleaning my plate, whatever she puts on it.

Anyway, today around noon she calls and asks, “What am I going to feed you tomorrow!?” I just knew she would call me. I am really glad she did.

Actually last week I'd asked her if she would be interested in reading the GAPS Guide, and she said she would like to see what I'm doing. But then as you know, when you start reading the book, it can be confusing as to what a person is eating. Are they doing intro? Full GAPS? Modified full GAPS? So I'm really happy that she called me.

I told her the omelet she makes with the “ton” of veggies in it would be perfect and she said she would leave out the cheese that she usually puts in it. I told her I am trying to avoid margarine and she doesn't have any butter so I will bring some with me.

She said she has a lot of veggies that she blanched and froze, so she will take some of those out and do something for lunch.

Today dh made chicken soup for breakfast for ES. There was enough left over for me to have some. I had a banana today, it wasn't completely ripe (with brown spots). I bought some bananas and was hoping to make the  Banana Dream Smoothie,  but they are getting eaten up before they are ripe enough to put in the freezer. I may buy some more, they are on sale 3 pounds for a dollar.

For lunch I had liver. Yes. Liver. I am a liver hater. I have hated it all my life. But I am convinced of its nutritional benefits, so I am trying to make myself eat it. Following the instructions for a way to prepare liver from a GAPShelp lister, I soaked the liver in lemon juice and garlic overnight. Today I sauteed one whole onion in butter, and cut the liver into small pieces. I had to cut the liver into even smaller pieces in order to eat it. Pea-sized pieces. And I think next time, I'll cook two onions [affiliate link]. For one-quarter cup of liver. Yes.

It actually wasn't half bad. It was edible, and didn't taste too strong. As long as I had a teaspoon of onion with each pea-sized piece of liver. I also had some of my Cortido after eating the liver.

Dinner was steak grilled on the barbeque, frozen peas cooked in butter, a pound of fresh mushrooms cooked in butter, salad made with green leaf lettuce, roma tomatoes, cucumber and avocado. The dressing was made from olive oil, 1 egg yolk, 1 clove garlic, apple cider vinegar, salt and pepper.

And I made Elana Amsterdam's Classic Drop Biscuits. Sorry I can't give you the recipe here because Elana can't even put the recipe on her blog without asking permission from her publisher! I emailed and asked if she might consider it and she said she would see if she could get permission. It was nice of Elana to take the time to respond personally to me. I really admire her blog. Her cookbook is great, too! Easily adaptable to GAPS.

Hubby has been having having trouble today due to one of two, or both of the following: he decided to eat “regular” food at Denny's, and I asked him to just dip his tongue in my milk kefir to see if it tastes like kefir. It seems to stink, to me.

Maybe I need to smell it after 12 hours of fermentation. Maybe then it won't smell so putrid. My husband loves kefir, so he gulped down 1/4 cup of it. He has been avoiding dairy, and he had American cheese on his burger at Denny's, and then the kefir later in the day. He was a bit miserable, but convinced it was me trying to kill him with the kefir. 😉

Speaking of my milk kefir grains, they were frozen for more than one year and I think they are coming back to life nicely. They are nice and plump, whitish in color (no yellow or orange coloring) and appear to have kefiran (the sliminess of the grains). Here is an animated picture of kefiran from Dom's site.

I think I ate too much meat for dinner. I grilled my steak rare, and ate it practically raw. I do love rare beef.

I have to work tomorrow, so I had better get to sleep, and off this computer if I want to get my detox bath. I bought several boxes of baking soda [affiliate link], and can't find them anywhere. I have used Epsom salts the last few nights, so I think I'll do vinegar tonight.

Oh. I also am doing a trial to see if I can go off my asthma medication, Flovent. It is a corticosteroid. The last time I tried to go off it, I got even more tired and exhausted than normal. I think the steroids are helping to stimulate my adrenals. I didn't use my meds last night, so I am at 48 hours without asthma medication. No wheezing, no signs of having difficulty breathing. I am diagnosed with mild asthma, and I am on the lowest dosage of Flovent 40mcg and I only use it once each 24 hours. So I am on a very low dose already. I could go to using one puff every 24 hours to slowly wean myself off, but I am curious to see if I could stop.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a good night.

GAPS DIET JOURNEY is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to AMAZON.COM. GAPS DIET JOURNEY is an affiliate for several companies and may be compensated through advertising and marketing channels. Therefore, this post may contain affiliate links.