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Recipes appropriate for Thanksgiving.

Deep Dish Apple Cranberry Pecan Pie

Deep Dish Apple Cranberry Pecan Pie (Grain-Free, Honey Sweetened)

Deep Dish Apple Cranberry Pecan Pie I was inspired to make this yummy pie after I made the Pear Pecan Pie. I just knew it was going to be a hit and it was perfectly delicious! I must warn you that it is pretty sweet, but the cranberries lend a tart bite and balance out the flavor. [UPDATE: The pie got even sweeter because I decided… Read the rest
Faux Cornbread Dressing Poppers

Faux Cornbread Dressing Poppers (Grain-Free, Corn-Free)

Faux Cornbread Dressing Poppers You'll never guess where the inspiration from this recipe came so I'll tell you… my husband and I were shopping at Fry's Marketplace, which is a Kroger brand store and in the advertisement they showed a photo of Dressing Balls. I had never heard or thought of such a thing! I checked out the recipe, and it used package stuffing… Read the rest