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Garden Harvest Art from May 23, 2004

Garden Art

Garden Harvest Art from June 5, 2005
Yellow pear tomatoes,red beets, gold beets, red tomatoes, carrots, zucchini squash, pickling cucumbers, yellow crookneck squash, yellow tomatoes, eggplant, Zucchetta Ramp Tromboncino Squash (the long curved mouth).
Garden Harvest Art from May 23, 2004
Zucchetta Ramp Tromboncino Squash (the curvy hair), pickling cucumbers, red tomatoes, yellow pear tomatoes, zucchini squash.


Just a very quick post today with two of my favorite gardening photos. I am hoping I will have enough energy to have a garden this fall which is the best gardening season for Arizona. Cool winter gardening means spinach, Swiss chard, onions [affiliate link], radishes, beets, carrots, cabbage and many more that I can't remember off the top of my head.

My favorite place to buy seeds is from Pinetree Seeds. I love poring over their seed catalog and reading all the wonderful descriptions.

I typically do square foot gardening, and my favorite book on this subject is by Duane Newcomb: The Backyard Vegetable Factory: Super Yields from Small Spaces. I like this book better than the other famous square foot gardening guy because I cannot follow much of that guy's books because we are in Arizona and just can't follow the same ideas.

Mr. Newcomb's book helped me to have my first successful garden – before that I thought I had a black thumb!

So typically I do not have huge harvests throughout the season, but as the end of the season nears and the temperatures begin to rise as the summer approaches, I will harvest everything I can find in the garden and put together some garden art as you can see in the two photos above.

I do great the first three seasons (fall, winter and spring) but by the time the next season rolls around the critters are all highly aware that I have a garden going and even though my garden looks like Fort Knox they find a way in and attack my vegetables. It is so frustrating and such hard work that I give up easily since I don't have enough energy to fight them. It is mostly gophers and round tailed ground squirrels.

Here is a video of round tailed ground squirrels, they are cute little buggers.

Do you garden? What kinds of critters plague your area?

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