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Werewolf Fingers

Werewolf Fingers Halloween Cookies GAPS Friendly

I found this simple recipe at my friend Crystal's blog and with one easy substitution (raw honey [affiliate link] [affiliate link] instead of sugar) instead of Witch's Fingers, we have GAPS Friendly Werewolf Fingers. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Werewolf Fingers 1 cup smooth peanut butter [affiliate link] [affiliate link] 1/4 cup raw honey… Read the rest
Sesame Chocolate Nutty Bites

Sesame Chocolate Nutty Bites

This is a perfect recipe to have on hand which is GAPS legal when we're going to be out in public around folks that are probably not eating GAPS, especially if you have children. Usually [ahem] adults can control themselves, but sometimes it just feels unfair when our children have… Read the rest