Biscuits and Gravy Gluten Free Real Food GAPS Style

Biscuits and Gravy Breakfast

My husband pulled an all nighter helping some friends move and as he was on his way home this morning told me he was dreaming of biscuits … Click here to read Biscuits and Gravy Gluten Free Real Food GAPS Style

Chicken Heart Salami Homemade

Chicken Heart Salami

My husband brought me home a pad of chicken hearts… I am fortunate in that I love heart. I’m not keen on liver, or tongue (gag) but … Click here to read Chicken Heart Salami Homemade

Recipe: Mushroom Eggs

Before GAPS I preferred to add some kind of carbohydrate to eggs [affiliate link], like brown rice or potatoes.

However, since GAPS I’m finding I love scrambled … Click here to read Mushroom Eggs

Recipe: Eggplant Garden Delight

This is a decidedly Italian tasting vegetable dish.

I usually harvest from my garden on Friday and Monday mornings, and last Friday this is what I found:

Garden … Click here to read Eggplant Garden Delight