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Mango Coconut Walnut Date Balls

Mango Coconut Date Ball Fudge Babies

Mango Coconut Walnut Date Balls This is another variation of the “Fudge Babies” so named and created by Chocolate Covered Katie. The first time I made Fudge Babies were for my birthday in 2011, my second birthday while on GAPS. In addition to making several versions of Katie's, I created two of my own: Banana Bread Babies and Pacific Island Babies. This time I had… Read the rest
Raw Mango Medallions

Mango & White Chocolate Chunk Medallion Coconut Flour Cookies

Raw Mango Medallions I had big dreams for these cookies. They taste great, but they didn't turn out like I expected.  They taste like mangoes, but if made them again I would not include the white chocolate chunks. The white chocolate was amazing, but it didn't work so good for me baked. I'm going to share them with you in case you want… Read the rest
Dairy Free Cashew Nut Milk Mango Smoothie

Mango Smoothie (Dairy Free made with Cashew Milk)

Dairy Free Cashew Nut Milk Mango Smoothie I made a delicious mango smoothie using Vegan Vanilla [affiliate link] Ice Cream, (recipe at Elana's Pantry) which is made from raw cashews. The Vegan Vanilla [affiliate link] Ice Cream is delicious freshly made, it's similar to soft serve vanilla ice cream. But once frozen, it turns as hard as ice. A perfect way to use up these hard frozen bits is… Read the rest