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Chocolate Treats

Chocolate Treats New e-Book Launch!

At long last, Chocolate Treats is available! I am so excited to announce the launch of my newest e-book! It is on sale for a limited time and you can get it at a discounted price starting today Monday August 15th through to Monday August 22nd midnight PST.

Hurry and get your copy! For my first 50 buyers, you will get your copy for just TWO DOLLARS, which is a 60% savings from the current retail price of $4.99!

Just use coupon code:  BDV4BESTB

If that code doesn't work, you can still get 50% off by using coupon code: BDV4NICEB

Buy Chocolate Treats now!

I had so much fun writing this e-book! Every single recipe features chocolate (by the way, YES, we can have cocoa powder on GAPS once digestive issues have subsided). The main focus of this recipe book is the baked goods, all made using coconut flour [affiliate link]. But that's not all, after the baked goods recipes, you'll find 11 more chocolate recipes.

One of my favorite recipes is the Chocolate Layer Cake. This has been a recipe that I have used several times for birthdays in the last couple of years. It is moist and delicious and you really cannot tell it is made from coconut flour. The e-book includes the frosting recipe which is both vanilla [affiliate link] and chocolate buttercream.

Chocolate Layer Cake

I've also created several chocolate loaves of bread, including this very popular “Nutella” version:

Chocolate Hazelnut Loaf

Or how about this White Chocolate Chip Loaf with Caramel Topping?

White Chocolate Chip with Caramel Topping

You'll also get:

  • Chocolate Orange Loaf
  • Chocolate Walnut Bread
  • Just a Little Cocoa Loaf
  • Peppermint Chocolate Chip Loaf
  • Raspberry White Chocolate Loaf
  • Strawberry Chocolate Bread
  • Chocolate and Peanut Butter [affiliate link] Marbled Loaf
  • Chocolate Cherry Loaf
  • Chocolate-Chocolate Chip Loaf
  • Cake Doughnuts with Chocolate Glaze

And you'll find eleven bonus chocolate treats – here are a few:

  • Banana Pancakes with Chocolate Creme Topping
  • Chocolate Coconut Fudge Bites
  • Chocolate Pie Crust
  • Chocolate Pudding
  • Hot Cocoa
  • Silky Chocolate Pie
  • White Chocolate Peppermint Truffles

There are 26 recipes in all! Click here to visit the sales page and get your copy today!

Hurry so you can get it at the best price of just $2.00. The first 50 buyers will get the best price by using coupon code: BDV4BESTB.

Or use BDV4NICEB to save 50% discount and get your copy for just $2.49.

Buy Chocolate Treats now!


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The Gelatin Secret

Review: The Gelatin Secret e-book

The Gelatin Secret

Today I am reviewing The Gelatin Secret – The surprising superfood that transforms your health and your beauty, written by my affiliate partner Sylvie McCracken.

When first starting on GAPS, most of us do what we're told to do with good faith. We don't know every little nitty-gritty detail for why. But if you are anything like me, it can help immensely to stay on board if you know why you are doing something.

As an example, why is it so important to ingest broth and soup on a regular basis? Ideally several times daily, especially if you are doing GAPS Introduction or fairly new to GAPS. I know it's easy to slack off after awhile, so this review is going to be a refresher course in why we need to consume plenty of broth and soup.

One of the main components in broth, stock and soup is gelatin [affiliate link]. Some people swear by adding chicken feet to their soup that it is super gelatinous. And we know broth to be a super food.

Sylvie covers everything you would ever want to know in The Gelatin Secret, and I know you'll be inspired to stick to ingesting gelatin on a more consistent basis.

In The Gelatin Secret's Introduction, Sylvie explains what gelatin is, she breaks out the basic components of collagen, explains how gelatin is made, reveals how bone broth is a source of gelatin, tells us why we should eat gelatin, how to choose the best gelatin, and then goes into detail of how gelatin nourishes each part of your body. Each of the following bullet points is explained in detail:

  • Why gelatin is good for your bones (which are mostly made up of collagen which is a type of protein).
  • Why gelatin is good for your joints (which are made up for cartilage, ligaments and muscles. The connective tissues are primarily made up of collagen).
  • Why gelatin is good for your gut.
  • How the glycine in gelatin can help regulate blood sugar levels and help you lose weight.
  • How gelatin can inhibit sugar cravings and reduce appetite.
  • How gelatin boosts muscle formation.
  • How gelatin can help with brain function, it can help us to manage stress and get better sleep.
  • How gelatin can help balance cortisol levels.
  • How gelatin helps with skin health (acne, wrinkles).
  • How gelatin helps hair growth.
  • how gelatin can help with cellulite.
  • How gelatin helps our nails grow stronger.
  • How gelatin helps our teeth.

Sylvie goes into detail in her e-book about all of these areas of the body that can be helped by broth, and it is very informative and interesting.

Next Sylvie shares recipes starting with a guide for making gelatin-rich bone broth with a helpful troubleshooting guide. All of the recipe include gelatin from side dish recipes, soup, condiments and sauces, “Jello” recipes, gummies, dairy-free ice creams, dairy-free smoothies, dairy-free puddings and custards, all the way to marshmallows!

As far as being GAPS legal, not all recipes are as written, so pay attention as you may need to make substitutions. As always, feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

I know for myself personally, I have definitely slacked off on making broth and ingesting gelatin. I am feeling it all over my body, in the form of aches and pains in my joints. I know better, but it is just one more thing to do that sometimes goes on the back burner, so to speak. Reading Sylvie's e-book has inspired me to get back on the gelatin bandwagon so that I can eliminate some of these nuisance aches and pains.

Sylvie recommends Great Lakes commercially produced gelatin.

The lime green can works best in smoothies, since it does not gel. However, I have found if you don't have this non-gelling type, you can usually use the regular gelatin, you'll just need to mix it into warm water first and allow it to dissolve. Otherwise, it will clump into weird little hard pieces. This is the brand she recommends: Great Lakes Collagen Hydrolysate, and this is the non-gelling version in the lime green can.

Then there is the red can, derived from grass-fed beef, and Kosher. This version forms a gel when mixed with water and is great for making jelled treats.

Finally, the porcine version, derived from pigs. Sylvie notes they may not be eating a 100% natural diet, but it is the cheaper option.

Get your copy of The Gelatin Secret today!


The Gelatin Secret




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Why Won't My Child Eat? by Mary Voogt

Review: Why Won’t My Child Eat? (Solving the Picky Eater Dilemma)

Why Won't My Child Eat? by Mary Voogt

One complaint that is heard often in GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome Diet) circles is that the children are picky eaters. You hear that the child will only eat french fries, and macaroni and cheese and you might think, “What? If that were MY child, that would not happen.”

Or maybe you are a grandparent whose grandchild is super picky and you just wish you had a few days with the child because obviously the mother is spoiling the child.

Well, I can tell you it is not as simple as that, and thankfully not because I've had first-hand experience. However, I have heard many stories from overwhelmed and frightened parents whose children have issues with food. I have wished to have something to point people towards, to gain more of an understanding of why children are picky and to begin recovering. It is not just being willful and disobedient, there is very likely something else going on that is causing the problem.

I can tell you from my own personal experience, that I am a much less picky eater, having done GAPS, so I know it has a lot to do with gut health.

Today, I am reviewing an e-book called Why My Child Won't Eat, which is written by my friend and affiliate partner, Mary Voogt. Mary has up close and personal experience with children who are picky eaters!

And finally, I have that resource I can point people to, which can help them with their children who won't eat, or have eating issues.

Mary has three children and has had unique and different feeding challenges with each one. She has learned to get her children to take a bite without struggling and she wants to help you do the same!

In the first chapter, Mary shares the eating experiences with each of her children. This is very helpful, it's almost like she's submitted her resume. This gal has been in the trenches, she's experienced the tummy aches, the daily battles, the meltdowns, tantrums, and the poor sleep. She's had issues with nursing infants, all the way up to her ten year old. Real Food, Mary VoogtIn Chapter 2, Mary is going to touch on what she means by real food, and in Chapter 3, she's going to address the topic of gut healing because if you find that your child has allergies, oral aversions or any other ongoing eating challenge, it most likely is related to gut health.

In Chapter 4, Mary will tell you how to observe your child for reactions. If your child is super picky, is underweight or constantly scratching, it is very likely that they have some allergy issues. Mary is going to share a list of reactions your child can have including physical, mental and neurological. You'll learn of some ways for testing for allergies, and Mary will also discuss oral sensory processing disorder (SPD), tongue and lip ties.

In Chapter 5, Mary will discuss feeding infants from birth to one year of age. You might be thinking it's simple, just fix a bottle, or breastfeed the child. But if your child has allergies or feeding issues it is not that easy. Mary is going to talk to you about your diet, too, and how it can affect your baby.

Chapter 6, Mary's focus is on toddlers, and what she refers to as the “most pivotal stage of feeding a child has…” In this chapter, Mary is going to help you to get your child to eat anything. She shares all her tried and true tips and tricks. She shares that she used these tips to get her toddler from a point of literally eating one or two bites of food a day, to eating three full meals and snacks.

Chapter 7 is about feeding children past the age of two. Mary shares new strategies to implement as your child gets older than will make meal times more enjoyable and less of a battle! In this chapter Mary reminds us that “true picky eating is not due to strong will or defiance. It is caused by an inflamed gut.” It really helps me so much when I know someone is ill, to be extra tolerant of their behaviors. Health Tips, Mary VoogtChapter 8 will be a discussion on health tips for the whole family, and how important it is that the whole family is a part of the healing process. After all, if one of your children is a picky eater, likely the others are. You may even be a picky eater yourself, and didn't realize it.

Chapter 9 will offer cooking tips, and Chapter 10 is where the recipes begin! At the very end of the book, Mary shares resources for books, websites, articles, and where to sources real food products.

Mary Voogt, author Why My Child Won't Eat

“Don't let food restrictions overwhelm you. There is plenty of good, nourishing food for everyone. You just have to get creative sometimes. You can do it. I'm here to help.” ~Mary Voogt Just Take a Bite

As I mentioned, I am an affiliate for Why My Child Won't Eat. If you purchase using my link, I will earn a portion of the sale price. Click here to get your copy now: Why My Child Won't Eat e-book







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Naturally Sweetened Treats Community Cookbook

Naturally Sweetened TreatsNaturally Sweetened Treats is the 2nd community cookbook hosted by Pat Robinson from Heal Thyself and Aubrey Griffin Johnson from Homegrown and Healthy. The first was released in January and was entitled Winter Soups.

Naturally Sweetened Treats is a 102-page electronic book which is instantly downloadable to any reader or computer. You can download it immediately after purchase and begin using it. You don't need to limit your use of it to your computer, and you can load it to your iPad or email to your Amazon Kindle or other reader. You can also print it out, punch holes in it and place in a three ring binder.

Pat and Aubrey asked us to share our favorite and most loved treats and desserts. I chose to include my Silky Chocolate Pie which is decadent and rich tasting. Definitely worthy of being one of my favorites. 🙂


In addition to my favorite recipe, there are 40 more favorites + each recipe is accompanied by a photo of the soup – I have to tell you there are some GORGEOUS photos in this collection. In my opinion, photos are THE best part of a cookbook, don't you agree?

As with Winter Soups, I took on the task of formatting of Naturally Sweetened Treats. A lot of work has gone into putting this delicious e-book together and I know you're going to love it!

Buy Naturally Sweetened Treats Now

In Naturally Sweetened Treats you'll get:

  • Chocolate treat recipes
  • Cookie & bar recipes
  • Cake & pie recipes
  • Fruity snack recipes
  • Ice cream, custard, dairy & dairy-free dessert recipes
  • 39 gluten-free recipes
  • 36 grain-free recipes
  • 30 dairy-free recipes

If you're on the GAPS Diet, here is the rundown on what's legal and what's not:

  • 20 Recipes are GAPS legal as written
  • 13 recipes are GAPS Friendly
    • 3 modified by substituting baking powder with baking soda [affiliate link] and apple cider vinegar
    • 4 modified by substituting illegal sweeteners with honey [affiliate link]
    • 2 modified by substituting whole wheat flour with almond meal or flour
    • 2 modified by substituting illegal dairy product with GAPS legal dairy product
  • 8 Recipes cannot be modified to be GAPS legal due to ingredients that cannot be substituted.

Of the 41 recipes, 33 are GAPS Friendly!


I've put together a companion guide for Naturally Sweetened Treats to tell you which desserts are GAPS legal as written, and how to modify the 13 which are GAPS friendly. On the download page you will find a link to this bonus guide after you purchase your copy of Naturally Sweetened Treats.

Here is a list of the 20 desserts in this e-book which are GAPS Legal:

Plus you can modify these 13 with easy substitutions:

  • Grain-Free Lemon Poppy Seed Cake
  • Maple Cardamom Mini-Cupcakes with Chocolate Icing
  • Nut Butter and Jelly Cupcakes
  • Paleo Strawberry Lemon Muffins
  • Winter Squash Pie
  • Frosted Pumpkin Cookies
  • Preacher Cookies (No Bake Cookies)
  • Whole Wheat Peanut Butter Cookies (Sweetened with Honey)
  • Berry Almond Crepes
  • Fruity Caterpillar Rolls
  • Grilled Peaches with Lemon-Mascarpone Filling & Rosemary-Honey Drizzle
  • Easy Coconut-Vanilla Chia Seed Pudding
  • Maple Pumpkin Custard

These remaining 8 cannot be converted (reason why in parenthesis):

  • Butterscotch Obsession Bars (tapioca starch)
  • No-Bake Choca-Chia Energy Chunks (oatmeal)
  • Strawberry-Vanilla Paleo Birthday Cake (arrowroot powder)
  • Chocolate Cherry Cashew Bars (Rice Krispies)
  • Easy Homemade Fudgy Brownies (sweet potato, tapioca flour, chocolate chips)
  • Snickerdoodle Cookies (stevia)
  • Apple Crisp So Healthy You Can Eat it for Breakfast (coconut palm sugar, oats)
  • Healthy Whipped Cream (heavy cream)

Below you can see the collage I put together of the GAPS legal treats. Gorgeous?? Or rather, delicious?

gaps-legal-sweets-cc30 DAY GUARANTEE: I'm so sure you'll love Naturally Sweetened Treats that I will refund your purchase price in full within 30 days of purchase. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Naturally Sweetened Treats is just $9.97.

Get Yours Today!

Buy Naturally Sweetened Treats Now

Feel free to stop over and visit any of the contributors of  Naturally Sweetened Treats:

Pat of Heal Thyself

Aubrey of Homegrown and Healthy

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Sandi of Sandi’s Allergy Free Recipes 

Shannon of All Things Health 

Shanti of Life Made Full 

Shelley of A Harmony Healing 

Sjanett of Paleolland 

Stacy of Paleo Gone Sassy 

Susan of Grow In Grace Farm 

Susan of Learning and Yearning 

Suzanne of Strands of my Life 

Tracy of Oh, The Things We’ll Make!


Special thanks to Pat [Heal Thyself] and Aubrey [Homegrown and Healthy] for organizing this project, and collating the recipes. Thank you to Vivian [The Real Food Guide] for creating the beautiful cover and thank you to Suzanne from {Strands of my Life] for allowing us to use her gorgeous photo of her Chocolate Cherry Cashew Bars as part of the cover.

Get Yours Today for Just $9.97!

Buy Naturally Sweetened Treats Now

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Loving Our Guts' Broth Elixir of Life

Book Review Broth Elixir of Life from Loving Our Guts

Loving Our Guts' Broth Elixir of Life

TPatty Lacoss-Arnold from Loving Our Gutsoday I am reviewing Broth Elixir of Life, written by my friend and affiliate partner Patty Lacoss-Arnold who blogs at Loving Our Guts. Patty and I met in December 2010 on the Yahoo Group GAPShelp. Patty started on GAPS with her family about one month before I got started and I have been so grateful to know Patty. She is an excellent researcher and has a way of writing which makes any topic easy to understand. Patty has also been a guest on my Blog Talk Radio show.

From the moment I started reading Broth Elixir of Life, I knew it was going to be a great resource for anyone on a healing diet such as GAPS. Broth is a very important ingredient in the healing process for many diets, not just GAPS. I learned a few years ago it helps me immensely to stay on track when I have good information on why I'm doing something. Case in point – Patty's e-book all about broth. I've read papers and posts on broth but Patty has outdone herself going over the whys and hows, plus this e-book is filled with gorgeous photos (awesome job Jen Pagano)! If you have ever wanted to learn more about why it's so important to drink broth, you'll want to read this e-book. If you have family members that are wondering what's the big deal about broth, you'll want to gift them with a copy.

Here are the chapter headers from Loving Our Guts:

  • Introduction
  • What Exactly is Broth?
  • Broth Making (includes broth making tools and ingredients)
  • Basic Broth Instructions (how to make broth and cooking times)
  • Different Ways to Make Broth (perpetual broth, slow cooker broth, pressure cooker broth, and dehydrated broth)
  • Broth Recipes (7 basic recipes with meat variations)
  • Sneaky Broth Ideas (17)
  • Recipes that Use Broth (10 recipes)
  • Grain Free Breads (3 recipes)

One of my favorite chapters is What Exactly is Broth, especially the paragraph which names nutrients and minerals found in broth. Who would have thought that a product which for years I made and thought was simply a frugal way to get one more use out of a chicken carcass could be so nutritious?

Chicken broth is the most popular version in our home. Broth Elixir of Life includes recipes for chicken, turkey, rabbit, duck, goose, beef, lamb, pork and fish broth.

For those of you with picky eaters who don't like broth, Patty shares 17 sneaky ways to get broth into your family.And of course, a book about broth has to include recipes for soups in which you can use those broths! One of my soups, Cod Fish and Mushroom Soup is included. Patty also includes three grain-free bread recipes which are delicious with soup.




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Broth Elixir of Life & Divine Dinners Spotlight

Today I'm going to spotlight two books. One is Divine Dinners and the second is Broth, Eilxir of Life.

First up, Lydia Joy Shatney's Divine Dinners. There are 75 recipes in this book and they are all gluten-free. 37 of the 75 are GAPS legal as written. Dozens more are easily adaptable to GAPS by leaving out or substituting ingredients, for example, Balsamic Vinegar is not GAPS legal and several recipes call for it. You can substitute 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar and 1/2 teaspoon honey [affiliate link] to substitute Balsamic Vinegar and then you'll have several more GAPS legal recipes.

Lydia includes a nice variety of recipes in this e-book and I found myself checking off the ones I wanted to try soon. Here are a few that caught my eye: Roasted Squash and Apple Soup, Citrus Salad with Poppy Seed Dressing, Marinated Mushroom Sauce, Sweet Dill and Mustard Sauce and Skewered Lamb Meatballs.

Lydia blogs at Divine Health from the Inside Out and is single mama to four growing boys!


Next I want to talk to you about Patty Lacoss-Arnold's Broth Elixir of Life. In Patty's e-book she gives us detailed information on the importance of broth in our diet. It is such a healing and nourishing food and one thing that jumped out at me as I read Patty's e-book which I had never really considered before – she mentions that collagen in broth can be good for wrinkles! We've always made good old fashioned stock for soup, long before we ever started GAPS or learned about traditional foods. Years back we made stock out of leftover chicken bones and carcasses because it was frugal and a way to stretch food.

Broth: Elixir of Life is a comprehensive discussion of all aspects of bone broth. Broth is a substance that is ubiquitous to all human cultures. It is found in remote rural villages and 5 star restaurants in crowded cities. It contains nutrition in an easily assimilated liquid form that is necessary for human health and vitality. Broth is a fundamental part of an economical real foods diet. It stretches the budget by reducing, but not eliminating, the need for meats, while simultaneously increasing health. Forget an apple a day for good health, how about a cup of broth a day!

Broth: Elixir of Life is sure to have ideas for those both new to broth making and for those who have been making it for years. This book also dedicates a chapter to how to get more broth into reluctant children (and adults). It includes a variety of methods for broth making that are sure to fit any lifestyle. The wide variety of flavor possibilities is explored while making the basics of cooking broth simple to understand and adapt to your own situation.

Patty blogs at Loving Our Guts.





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HUGE Bundle Extreme Health Library Sale – 10 Days Only.


Several weeks ago, Pat Robinson and Amanda Rose invited me to participate in their Extreme Health Library Sale. I had recently finished my e-book Baking with Coconut Flour [affiliate link] and was glad for the opportunity to partner in this bundle, The Art of Healing.

I wanted to let you know right off the bat that there are two e-books in this bundle that were in the Toadally Primal bundle, Wardeh Harmon's Lacto-Fermentation and Tracy McCullough's Ultimate Secrets to Acne Freedom. But the other 51 products are completely different and many of them are brand new and just recently launched (like my Baking with Coconut Flour).








B2b B8 B7 B5 B1

53 AMAZING digital products for just $39.97 (a $835 value!)



What is the Art of Healing Extreme Health Library bundle?

  • 53 Digital Products (Retail Value $835.32)
  • 16 products over 95 pages long, (valued at $375.76)
  • 9 products over $25 each, (valued at $326.98)
  • 5 Videos (+ demo videos), over 4.5 hours (valued at $121.89)
  • 2 Audio products, 120 minutes total
  • 13 Safe Detox Resources
  • 11 Holistic Health Guides
  • 10 Optimizing Nutrition Resources
  • 10 Herbal Remedies and Recipes
  • 9 Ferments & Gluten-free ‘How To'
  • Sale Price of only $39.97 – that's a 95% savings
  • On sale for 10 days – February 25th to March 7th

Important notes

  • The sale ends on Thursday, March 7th at 11:59 PM PST.

Here is a list of items that are included in the bundle – I've highlighted a few that are of particular interest to me and may be to you as well:

    1. Rebuild from Depression: A Nutrient Guide by Amanda Rose, Ph.D. and Annell Mavrantonis, M.D.
    2. Adrenal Fatigue Solutions by Pat Robinson
    3. Aging: Cumulative Knowledge from Peer Review Studies by Sayer Ji
    4. Infertility: Cumulative Knowledge from Peer Review Studies by Sayer Ji
    5. A Fibromyalgia Recovery Story: Eating Outside The Box by Christy Pooschke
    6. Cancer Isn't a Death Sentence by Marcia Schaefer, D.C.
    7. Ultimate Secrets to Acne Freedom by Tracy McCullough
    8. Holistic Approaches in the Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus by Todd Caldecott, Dip. Cl.H., RH(AHG)
    9. Understanding The Right-Brained Child by Cindy Gaddis
    10. Practical Herbs by Henriette Kress.
    11. Introduction to Tree Medicines by Darcey Blue French
    12. Herbal Remedies for Children During the Cold and Flu Season by Rosalee de la Forêt
    13. Mother's Little Herbal Helper And Home Remedies by Natalie Vickery
    14. Of Thorn and Petal: The Remedy in the Rose by Kiva Rose
    15. Listen to the Ancient Mother Wisdom by Kimberly Crail
    16. Numen: The Healing Power of Plants A Resource Guide
    17. Natural Beauty Recipes by Katie (Wellness Mama)
    18. Wildly Natural Skin Care Oils by Michelle Czolba.Salves Made Simple by Jennifer Saleem
    19. Common Sense Health: Detox, Diet and Physical Activities by Laurie Neverman
    20. Detoxifying Your Home – Inside and Out by Dawn Lorenz
    21. Stress Relief for Parents by Genevieve Simperingham
    22. Introduction to Energy Healing by Tracy Liebmann
    23. Whispers from The Universe: 30 EFT Scripts for Feeling Great by Deborah Donndelinger
    24. 100 Days of Real Food Challenge by Lisa Leake
    25. The Savvy Shopper's Guide to Sustainable Food by Raine Saunders
    26. The Whole Foods Revelation by France Morissette
    27. Off The Shelf by Kris Bordessa
    28. The Everything Beans Book by Katie Kimball
    29. Eat More Leafy Greens by Cynthia Lair
    30. Broth: Elixir Of Life by Patricia Lacoss-Arnold
    31. The New Health Paradigm by Anthony Gucciardi
    32. Lacto-Fermentation by Wardee Harmon
    33. Simply Sourdough by Melissa Naasko
    34. A Healthy Soda by Donna Schwenk
    35. 7 Habits of a Gluten-Free Warrior by Peter Osborne
    36. Baking With Coconut Flour by Starlene Stewart
    37. Traditional Soup Workshop with Whole Grain Gluten-Free Muffin Cookbook Bonus by Kimi Harris
    38. Family-Friendly Allergen-Free Menu Planner by KerryAnn Foster
    39. Quinoa Fit by Wendy Polisi
    40. Divine Dinners: Gluten-Free, Nourishing, Family-Friendly Meals by Lydia Joy Shatney
    41. Nourishing Our Children
    42. Essential Elements of Whole Health by Amy Love, NTP, CGP, CILC
    43. Thrifty Food Plan Experience by Millie Copper
    44. Spring Cleansing – The Local Way by Jennifer Steinbachs, ND
    45. Introduction to Flower Essences by Amy Hendrickson
    46. Homeopathy for Childhood Illnesses by Miranda Castro
    47. Practical Guide to Children's Health (Excerpt) by Kate Tietje
    48. The Five Flavors of Food by Lisa Mase
    49. Car Seats: The Deadliest Parenting Decision by Guggie Daly
    50. Introduction to MTHFR, Ben Lynch N.D.,
    51. MTHFR Blueprint
    52. Livewello, a downloadable app to organize your health information
    53. A MTHFR Manifesto by the Probiotic Police and Natural Peacekeepers

All of these could be yours for just $0.75 per item! ($39.97 total)


Plus, when you purchase your bundle using my link, I am offering a bonus e-book: Everyone Loves Pudding. Please forward your receipt as proof of purchase to


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Book Promotion Week at Naturally Knocked Up by Donielle Baker

I first learned about fertility awareness when I attended the local La Leche League group as a young mother with my first born son. Ever since I have been interested in how our bodies work. If Donielle's book had been out 20 years ago I would have definitely had a copy of her book alongside my favorites.

I would highly recommend this book to any couple that has had difficulty conceiving. Donielle goes over all the important factors:  avoiding toxins in our environment, how to live naturally, exercise and fertility, alternative therapies, what you should not eat, and the super foods that you should eat, the effect stress can have on your fertility and there are even recipes and instructions for the perfect fertility diet.

Naturally Knocked Up covers a great deal of information and is a must have in every home for couples hoping to achieve a pregnancy and women who want a healthier body overall.

Infertility now strikes one in six couples, one of five known pregnancies end in miscarriage, and modern women are suffering from chronic and degenerative diseases at alarming rates.

With practical information that is easy to read, Naturally Knocked Up is the perfect resource for women everywhere.

And this week only, when you purchase this book in paperback (available on Amazon or Vintage Remedies) you'll receive over $35.00 in free ebooks, one of which is my eCookbook, Beyond Grain & Dairy.

These amazing downloads will help you learn even more about the benefits of natural living and give you the tools you need to make these changes.

Here are the freebies you can download:

Printable Recipe Pages

All the recipes you'll find in Donielle's book, PLUS printouts of the recipes that were cut from the original manuscript because it was getting too long! These extra pages include plenty of fabulous how-to's and incredible recipes from some of Donielle's favorite “real food” and natural living friends.

Menu Plans

Donielle will be putting together a couple of menu plans to give you an idea of what your “fertility diet” could look like as well as a sample whole foods cleanse menu.

Fertility Foods Checklist

This basic nutritional recommendation list is a great way to start making sure you get in all the nutrients your body needs. Just put it up on the fridge and mark it off as you go through the week.


Herbal Nurturing ebook by Michele Augur of

Herbal Nurturing

As a “friend along the journey,” this 44-page book walks you through preparing basic herbal remedies for you and your family, from childbirth to arthritis, and everything in between!

Naturally prepare for cold/flu season, PMS, headaches, sunburns, postpartum, tummy aches, rashes, and more with over 30 recipes, additional homeopathic suggestions, and healthy-living tips.

$8.95 value! Michele is also the author of A Natural Noel and Flourishing Spring.


Weekly Pregnancy eBook

Week-by-Week Guide to Your Pregnancy eBook by Angela England of

What changes should a woman expect during her pregnancy? How does the baby grow each week? This pregnancy development ebook will answer all those questions, and more. Not only does A Weekly Guide to Pregnancy cover each week’s changes for both mother and baby, but the book also includes some bonus material including morning sickness, easing back pain, and other pregnancy complaints.

Over 60 pages of week-by-week information at your fingertips.

A value of $4.97! Angela is also the author of Backyard Farming and 30 Days to Make, Market, and Sell a Fabulous Ebook.


Beyond Grain & Dairy

Beyond Grain & Dairy, an eCookbook by Starlene Stewart of GAPS Diet Journey

When you've been told you can no longer eat gluten, grains and dairy, it might seem there is nothing left to eat. Beyond Grain & Dairy is a recipe book with 113 delicious recipes made with real food which will show you that there is plenty of delicious food. There is no need to feel deprived, move Beyond Grain & Dairy and you may feel better than you have in your whole life.

A value of $17.00! In addition to Beyond Grain and Dairy, Starlene is also the author of Making Baked Goods Using Coconut Flour.


The Kitchen Herbal

The Kitchen Herbal by Jessie Hawkins (digital addition) of Vintage Remedies

Herbs and spices have been used medicinally since antiquity, but not in the capsules and preparations we use today. Traditionally, the line between food and medicine was blurred, as many functional foods served as medicine, and many medicinal herbals were taken with food. This leads to an explosion in flavor possibilities that will please the palate while boosting wellness.

In this book, Jessie Hawkins explores eighteen traditional culinary herbs. You will learn how to cultivate them, harvest and store them, and how to add them to your table. She covers the nutritional and medicinal use of each herb, then provides recipes and tips on pairing flavors for maximum taste. This delightful book combines food, health and wellness in a fun and enjoyable culinary experience.

A value of $4.95! Jessie Hawkins is also the author of Handbook of Vintage Remedies and Guide to Bread: Unlocking the Mysteries of Grains, Gluten and Yeast.


Sugar Detox Challenge

Sugar Detox Challenge eBook by Donielle Baker

Addicted to sugar? Or maybe you’re just looking for ways to reduce the amount you regularly eat. This ebook will walk you through 8 weeks of cutting out sugar from your diet.

Whether you’re just starting on your journey to ‘real’ and natural foods, or you’ve been on this road for some time and just need a bit of encouragement, this eBook is for you!


Is Your Flour Wet?

Is Your Flour Wet? eBook

A multiple blogger project I’m involved in, put together by Katie of Kitchen Stewardship. Your guide to soaked, sprouted, and fermented baked goods with plenty of recipes. You'll learn the reasons behind why you'd want to prepare your grains this way and also gain tutorials on how to do it properly. The recipes have been contributed by other bloggers who have worked to make sure they're both tasty and nutritious.


7 Toxins Killing Your Thyroid

What Is Thyroid Detox and Why You Need It To Feel Like Yourself Again ebook by Magdalena Wszelaki, Certified Holistic Health Coach and Josie Lincoln, UK Naturopathic Nutrition Advisor

How to enjoy a healthy weight, happiness, enthusiasm and get lots of energy despite your thyroid condition. Learn about some of the toxins that could be causing problems with your thyroid.


To get access to these A.MAZE.ING freebies worth over $35.00, just email Donielle at assistant AT (replace the AT with the @ symbol) with either your e-receipt forwarded from Amazon or Vintage Remedies showing you purchased this book in paperback OR a photo of the book in your possession. As an added bonus, this offer also applies to everyone who has previously ordered a paperback copy of the book!


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