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Chocolate Chips (Sugar-Free, Dairy-Free, Soy-Free) & a GAPS Friendly Option

Chocolate… most women would rather give up just about anything but chocolate. So first of all, if you're on the GAPS Diet, yes, we can have chocolate, once digestive symptoms have calmed. Awesome, yes?! Click here for my collection of GAPS Legal chocolate recipes: 20+ Delicious Chocolate Recipes When I was recipe testing for my friend Jessica Espinoza's e-book The… Read the rest
Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Sandwiches

Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Sandwiches (Gluten/Grain/Dairy-Free GAPS/Paleo Friendly)

Cookies & Cream Ice Cream SandwichesMy oldest son Matthew turned 29 in April. I wanted to make something special, and a recipe for Cookies and Cream Ice Cream came through my Facebook feed. It looked delicious, but it wasn't exactly GAPS legal, so I decided to modify one of my ice cream recipes to make my own version. This version is completely GAPS legal, yes,… Read the rest