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Deep Dish Apple Cranberry Pecan Pie

Deep Dish Apple Cranberry Pecan Pie (Grain-Free, Honey Sweetened)

Deep Dish Apple Cranberry Pecan Pie I was inspired to make this yummy pie after I made the Pear Pecan Pie. I just knew it was going to be a hit and it was perfectly delicious! I must warn you that it is pretty sweet, but the cranberries lend a tart bite and balance out the flavor. [UPDATE: The pie got even sweeter because I decided… Read the rest
Faux Cornbread Dressing Poppers

Faux Cornbread Dressing Poppers (Grain-Free, Corn-Free)

Faux Cornbread Dressing Poppers You'll never guess where the inspiration from this recipe came so I'll tell you… my husband and I were shopping at Fry's Marketplace, which is a Kroger brand store and in the advertisement they showed a photo of Dressing Balls. I had never heard or thought of such a thing! I checked out the recipe, and it used package stuffing… Read the rest
Halloween Snack and Party Food Ideas

Halloween Food & Treat Ideas (Grain-Free, Sugar-Free)

Halloween Snack and Party Food Ideas First I'm going to start with some of the treats I have here on my blog, but be sure to look over the links below the images to find some neat GAPS Friendly Halloween food party ideas! GAPS Friendly Treats and Snacks Werewolf Fingers made with peanut (or any nut) butter, honey [affiliate link], eggs [affiliate link] and almonds [affiliate link]. Dark Chocolate with Pecans [affiliate link] made… Read the rest