Bonus Partners in the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle 2018

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The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle is on sale for one more day and I thought I would talk a bit about the bonus partners and the bonus products available when you purchase your bundle.

There are 8 bonus items in all plus my own special bonus just for you when you purchase your bundle using my affiliate link. Just forward your receipt to me at and I’ll send you a $20 coupon code which you can use toward any of my e-books. This is my affiliate link:

It means a lot to me that Ultimate Bundles includes these bonuses introducing us to “natural” companies because I don’t have a lot of time to spend looking around to find the best companies. And it’s important to me because I have no doubt I would be much sicker and most likely dependent on asthma medication if I used typical self care products because they are just filled with chemicals and toxins.

I love that we get this chance to learn about the bonus partners and try their products for just the price of shipping. And while I fully admit that sometimes I buy the bundle JUST so that I can redeem the bonus items, many times I end up becoming a repeat customer. As an entrepreneur myself, it makes my heart feel good to know that I’m supporting small businesses e.s.p.e.c.i.a.l.l.y when they offer natural products.

Here are the quick details:

  1. There are 8 bonus partners
  2. 7 Physical Bonuses and 1 Bonus 4-Month Online Membership
  3. The 8 products are valued at $168
  4. Shipping to a U.S. address will cost right around $52
  5. You don’t have to redeem all the bonuses! (So far I have only redeemed four, only redeem what you are interested in)
  6. You have 30 days to redeem the bonuses after you buy your bundle
  7. You have to purchase the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle to gain access to these free bonuses. It is $29.97 and inside the bundle you get 62 e-books, 20 e-courses, 12 printables and 2 memberships.
  8. Remember when you buy the bundle using my affiliate link I’m offering a free gift to you: $20 Coupon Code towards any of my e-books
Here’s the bullet point list, skip below if you want a little more detailed information:
  1. FREE Eyeshadow Duo from Redeeming Beauty Minerals, a $29.90 value **U.S. only: $7.95 shipping
  2. 50 FREE Loads of Laundry Wash + FREE Washing Machine Cleaner from MyGreenFills, a $36.00 value **FREE washing machine cleaner for existing customers **international shipping available: $9.76 within the U.S.; international rates vary
  3. FREE BeeSilk Lotion Stick (.6 oz) and Foot Rub Stick (.6 oz) from MadeOn Skin Care, a $16.50 value **international shipping available: $5.95 within the U.S., $15.95 internationally
  4. FREE 2 oz. Bottle of Teeth Tamer from Earthley, a $14.99 value **international shipping available: $8 within the US, $20 in Canada, $31 – $34 to other countries
  5. FREE 2-pack Soap Bundle from Puro Co, a $15.00 value  **U.S. only: $7.95 shipping
  6. FREE 2 oz. bottle of Select Liquid Herbal Formulas from TriLight Health, a $12.95 value **U.S. only: $5.99 shipping
  7. FREE Nosey Plush Toy Aromatherapy Diffuser with Soother Holder from Essential Bracelet, a $14.95 value **U.S. only: $5.99 shipping
  8. Free 4-Month Full Plate Living Membership from Full Plate Living, a $28 Value

Now let me tell you about the bonuses!

MadeOn: Bee Silk Hard Lotion & Foot Rub Sticks – Valued at $16.50

If you’ve been following me for awhile you’ve heard me talk about Renee Harris from MadeOn Hard Lotion. She’s an amazing woman. Renee and her husband have 9 children, they are homeschoolers and run their business out of their home.

When you redeem the MadeOn bonus you get one stick of BeeSilk Hard Lotion and one stick of Foot Rub.

I love the stick versions of Renee’s products. I usually apply the hard lotion to back of my hands (since that’s what gets dry for me) and I love that I can carry this lotion in my purse and there’s zero chance of it spilling and making a mess.

The Foot Rub is amazing. I wear sandals pretty much year round (for a few short weeks I can wear ankle booties while the weather is chilly in late December/early January) so I pay special attention to making sure my heels are moisturized to prevent cracks – which boy, can those be painful?!

I have loved goat’s milk soap for many years (ever since we had dairy goats and my husband and son used to make our very own goat’s milk soap) and Renee also stocks goat’s milk soap so I actually keep a subscription going with MadeOn to make sure I don’t run out! Click here to get your bundle and unlock access to this bonus. This is my affiliate link:

Earthley Teeth Tamer – Valued at $14.99

Earthley is another company I love. The founder is Kate Tietje, another small business owner with a homeschooling family! I didn’t redeem Kate’s bonus product, which is Teeth Tamer. But I did shoot a question to her to ask if it would help my 5-month old teething puppy! He’s all mouth!

I wanted to mention Earthley because I use several of their products, mostly salves and I would have to say my favorite product is the deodorant (which I’m hoping goes on sale soon, LOL!)

Maybe you know someone with a new baby who might be interested in this product which you’ll unlock access to when you purchase the bundle. Check out Kate’s deodorants also! My favorite is the Citrus. Click here to get your bundle and unlock access to this bonus. This is my affiliate link:

MyGreenFills: 50 Loads of Laundry Wash + FREE Washing Machine Cleaner – Valued at $36

Next bonus… Laundry Wash from MyGreenFills. Did you ever stop to think that the laundry detergent we lug home from the store on a regular basis is mostly water? MyGreenFills offers a concentrated powder which you pour it into a plastic jug and add water. I love this idea!

I did redeem this bonus, but haven’t had a chance to try it yet. I’m going to use the Washing Machine Cleaner which is part of the bonus because I have a front loader and it gets musty so easily. I’ve never heard of cleaning out a washing machine so eager to try it. Click here to get your bundle and unlock access to this bonus. This is my affiliate link:

Puro Co. 2-Pack Soap Bundle – Valued at $15

Next… get this 2-Pack Soap bundle from Puro Co. I think Puro Co. chooses the variety you’ll receive. Mine were “Soothe & Detox” and “Shea Butter”. These bars are so pretty! Click here to get your bundle and unlock access to this bonus. This is my affiliate link:

Redeeming Beauty Minerals Eye Shadows – Valued at $29.90

I don’t wear makeup very often, but I’m not going to turn down a chance for some gorgeous natural eye shadow! I haven’t asked Redeeming Beauty but since these eye shadows are mineral based, my understanding is they stay “fresh” and usable for a long time. HOWEVER, you do need to use them properly. Instead of dipping the wand into the minerals, shake the minerals onto the wand. This way you don’t get any bacteria that could be on your eyes into the product. Click here to get your bundle and unlock access to this bonus. This is my affiliate link:

The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle is on sale for just another 24 hours. Get yours now! For just $29.97 you gain access to all these bonuses plus everything in the bundle: 62 e-books, 20 e-course, 2 memberships and 12 printables.

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