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My affiliate partners at Ultimate Bundles have put together a Super Bundle specifically tailored for anyone on a gut healing journey. I’m honored and excited that my own Beyond Grain & Dairy is also included in this bundle.

The Super Gut Health Bundle contains 25 easy to use videos, e-courses, books and plans to help you on your journey to healing your gut, but in this post I have highlighted my seven favorite resources which I believe will be particularly helpful to those on the GAPS Diet.


And now, here are my seven favorite resources in this bundle:

#1 Heal Your Gut Summit

Heal Your Gut Summit


The Heal Your Gut Summit launched last year and is actually still available for purchase (for $99!!). The Heal Your Gut Summit is packed full of information on healing your gut.

Now in case you are wondering, “Why should I bother with this when I’m doing GAPS?” I’m going to answer your question with a question. Did you know that Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride encourages us to do our own research and discover what works best for us? She says we need to find the “cherries for the top of our own cake“. These are just a few of the things you’re going to learn from this summit…

  • Heal your gut and boost immunity and fight cancer
  • Lose weight by improving digestive health
  • Solutions to recover from irritable bowel syndrome
  • Balancing hormones and increasing libido
  • Reversing allergies and autoimmunity with foods and herbal remedies

Here are the other items in this bundle which I believe will be of immense help to you on your health journey while on GAPS, or really, any other gut healing diet.



#2 Gut Healing Starter Pack from Cara at Health, Home, & Happiness


This Gut-Heailng Starter Pack contains everything you need to get started healing your gut right away. This starter pack is put together by Cara, a mom who used the GAPS Diet as intervention for her child who was showing signs of autism. The family saw so much healing with not only autism, but also eczema, food allergies, ADD and anxiety, that Cara put together everything she had learned into an easy-to-use course for others.

Four months of downloadable meal plans (4 weeks, 3 meals a day) for the full GAPS/SCD Diet are included, so you can see exactly what delicious foods will heal your gut and cut inflammation. Video lessons answer frequently asked questions such as how to get picky eaters to eat these foods, how to explain what you’re doing to family and friends, and more. No matter where you are in the GAPS diet, this starter pack is worth its weight in gold.

#3 Beyond Grain & Dairy (My e-book! :-))

Beyond Grain & Dairy Tablet Image

Beyond Grain & Dairy contains 113 recipes suitable for the GAPS diet. In Beyond Grain and Dairy, I will show that there is plenty of delicious foods you can eat, even when on a restricted diet and avoiding grains and dairy. In fact, these recipes also are free from soy, processed sugar, starches and corn. My family thrived on the meals from this book when we were doing GAPS. All recipes contain a photo. If you are looking for GAPS legal breads, main dishes, salads, soups and dessert recipes, this is a book you will want to have on hand.


#4 Broth for Breakfast (and Every Meal of the Day): Amazing Broth Based Recipes for Slow Cooker, Pressure Cooker, and Stove Top by Wellness Mama

Broth for Breakfast


As you know I am a huge fan of broth and all of its benefits. Bone broth has surged in popularity in recent years and with good reason. This age-old superfood is a great source of gut-soothing gelatin [affiliate link] and minerals. Broth for Breakfast is a practical cookbook based on Katie’s decade of experience in cooking nourishing meals for her family. It compiles over 40 nourishing broth-based recipes that can made on the stovetop, in the slow cooker or in the wildly popular Instant Pot. Providing nutrient dense meals to your family doesn’t have to be a struggle!

#5 How to Heal a Broken Gut by Spark Health

Heal a Broken Gut

The How to Heal a Broken Gut Masterclass is taught by Dr. Jill Tieman, a certified clinical nutritionist and chiropractor who specializes in issues surrounding gut health and digestion. She’ll share principles of gut healing, starting with the causes of gut issues and how to understand symptoms followed by the 3-part system for treatment that she uses in her clinical practice. If you or someone in your family has been struggling in this area, make time to watch this class.


#6 14-Day Gut Reset by Chloe Breczinski

14-Day Gut Reset


The 14-Day Gut Reset is designed for veterans and newcomers to the gut health world. It provides step-by-step guides and support to prepare for, go through and transition away from a 2-week program. It can be used for a quick reset and recovery, to jump start healthier eating, or even to just get a taste for what a long-term gut healing protocol will be like. This reset is based on the principles of GAPS Introduction Diet and the Full GAPS Diet. By removing potentially irritating foods and increasing deeply healing foods, those new to gut healing can give the GAPS Diet a short trial. Those who are more experienced will enjoy this guide to getting their health back on track.

#7 Lacto-Fermentation Mini e-Course by Wardee Harmon



Do you want to include more fermented foods in your diet? Does fermenting foods get pushed to the wayside? This mini e-course by Wardee from Traditional Cooking School is included in the Gut Health Super Bundle. Wardee is an expert in traditional healing foods and she will teach you the basics of what you need to know to begin making fermented foods in your own kitchen. Includes the 155 page Lacto-Fermentation e-book in PDF, 10 Lacto-Fermentation master class videos, and a 22 page “Let’s Get Gardening” e-book.


Click here (affiliate link) to purchase your own copy of the bundle and to get more information about the entire bundle

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