The GAPS mini-bundle inside the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle (valued at $250.86)

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In this post I share 8 products which I believe will be helpful on your gut healing journey.

These products were offered together (along with 75 other products) at one low price in the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle in September 2016. Most of the products are still available to be purchased individually and I have linked to the product when available. Some items may be affiliate links and I will earn a small commission when you purchase using my link.

There is an abundance of resources in the bundle this time that match up closely in line with the GAPS Diet. There are so many to choose, I've decided to highlight ten of my favorite products from the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle.

#1 Heal Your Gut Summit 

Heal Your Gut Logo

Click on the image for my affiliate link to purchase the Heal Your Gut Summit

The Heal Your Gut Summit launched earlier this year, and is still available for purchase. By the way, all the original bonuses and gifts are included in the Heal Your Gut summit from when it first launched. There's like 25 bonus gifts, it's crazy! The Heal Your Gut Summit is packed full of information on healing your gut.

Now in case you are wondering, “Why should I bother with this when I'm doing GAPS?” I'm going to answer your question with a question. Did you know that Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride encourages us to do our own research and discover what works best for us? She says we need to find the “cherries for the top of our own cake“. These are just a few of the things you're going to learn from this summit…

  • Heal your gut and boost immunity and fight cancer
  • Lose weight by improving digestive health
  • Solutions to recover from irritable bowel syndrome
  • Balancing hormones and increasing libido
  • Reversing allergies and autoimmunity with foods and herbal remedies

Here are the other items in this bundle which I believe will be of immense help to you on your health journey while on GAPS, or really, any other healing diet. Click here to buy the Heal Your Gut Summit.

#2 Infused: Recipes for Herb & Fruit Infused Water, Tea & More

There are 120 recipes in this e-book by Carissa Bonham. If you aren't super fond of plain water, and are trying to kick an addiction to sugar laden drinks, this book will be extremely helpful. Carissa was able to help herself break the soda habit with infused water, and now she shares all her tips, tricks and flavor combinations in this e-book. Click here to buy Infused on Amazon.

#3 DIY Non-Toxic Cleaning Recipes

What do you use for cleaning your house? If you have been on the GAPS diet for any length of time you know that avoiding toxins is a key part of healing. Many of our cleaning products contain toxins that are detrimental to our health. DIY Non Toxic by Heather Dessinger of Mommypotamus explains many of the common mistakes made in homemade formulas and then shares her tried and true recipes for making your own cleaning products that REALLY work. Click here to buy DIY Non-Toxic Cleaning Recipes.


#4 The Eczema Cure: Heal from the Inside Out

Do you or someone you know suffer with eczema? It is definitely connected to gut health. Emily Bartlett has written a comprehensive guide to this common malady and shares nutritional solutions for healing. Ms. Bartlett discusses the causes and delves into valuable solutions to help you heal from the inside out. The Eczema Cure also includes a number of recipes that can assist in a healing diet, all of which are compatible with the GAPS diet. Click here to buy the Eczema Cure.



#5 Stress Solutions: Hack Your Stress, Calm Your System and Take Charge of Your Life

I'm sure you are well aware that stress can have an extremely detrimental effect on your health. In Stress Solutions, Evan Brand explains the negative effects of stress and helps you address the issues, and gives you a plan for healing and how to recover from the stresses of life. Mr. Brand shares several ways to manage stress, including nutrition, essential oils, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and more. This book is a valuable asset in your plan for healing. Click here to buy Stress Solutions.

#6 Healing Patiently: Heal Your Gut Without Losing Your Mind

Sometimes it seems as if it will take forever on the journey to better health. It can feel that way when the path you’ve chosen is to make nutrition and lifestyle changes. Healing Patiently is an encouraging and helpful e-book by Chloe Breczinski that addresses the frustrations of healing. She has been on the GAPS diet and her book specifically deals with challenges and issues that come up while on the GAPS diet. This is a must have book for anyone who is struggling with the GAPS diet or contemplating going on it for themselves and their family. Click here to buy Healing Patiently.

Healing Patiently



#7 A Mother's Guide to Probiotics: A Simple and Clear Path to Incorporate Probiotics Into Your Family's Life

If the whole subject of probiotics is confusing to you, and you struggle to figure out which one to take or to give to your children, I have an e-book for you that is going to be an excellent resource. Melanie Christner, a GAPS practitioner, has done the hard work of sorting through with the answers you need to choose an effective probiotic and shares that research as well as her recommendations with you. Click here to buy A Mother's Guide to Probiotics.


#8 Why Won't My Child Eat?

Last but not least, Why Won't My Child Eat is written by Mary Holleboom Voogt is going to be a godsend if you have a picky eater in your household. Why Won’t My Child Eat has tips and insight from an experienced mom with THREE picky eaters who has figured out how to get her children to eat a variety of nutrient dense food. You will learn how to observe your child, types of allergic reactions to watch for, and how to get your child interested in real food again. Click here to purchase Why Won't My Child Eat?

Why Won't My Child Eat? by Mary Voogt



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