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Review: MadeOn Natural Skin Care Products

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Why I Prefer to Use “Natural” Products

I began using using unscented products many years ago when my children were little, and I had already noticed that I had a sensitivity to strong smelling products. I didn't get a headache, or any glaring reactions, the scents just bothered me. Whether it was cleaning products, personal care or skin products or laundry detergents, it felt toxic. I even started to avoid walking down the grocery store aisle that has all the detergents. I started to use unscented products as much as possible, and also avoided air fresheners, or anything that put a smell in the air, like Lysol.

Back then I had not yet been diagnosed with asthma, but I did have terrible allergies. And I didn't know that I had the gene mutation MTHFR. I have two copies of C677T which is the most challenging combination and my body has a harder time detoxing than other people. So what I've learned in the last few years is that strong smelling chemical laden products add to our body's toxin load, and I'm really glad I listened to my body and started to avoid “smelly” products in my early 30s. I feel I am healthier than I might be, as a direct result of decreasing the toxin load on my body.

Eventually, I started to use products that were not only unscented, but made with natural ingredients. It's just crazy the list of ingredients, so many of them unpronounceable! My habit to use products with natural ingredients coincided with the GAPS Diet since Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride does strongly suggest that we avoid these commercially produced, toxin-laden products.

You probably know that our skin is our biggest organ, and we should be careful about what we put on our skin. I believe it is important to use simple, natural products, which do not contain strong artificial scents. This is especially important when you have health issues. Every little thing we can do for our body to ease the detoxing it needs to do is helpful.

After being on GAPS for just over one year I was able to taper off the asthma medication I'd been on for several years. I was so thrilled about that! And my terrible allergies, they are pretty much non-existent. I used to sneeze over and over and over. If dust got kicked up in the house, or if I embarked on some kind of cleaning jag, for years I had to take prescription Allegra to stop my eyes from swelling, my nose from running and sneezing. Nowadays, I don't have those problems. I still see my asthma allergy specialist once a year because I have been told once diagnosed with asthma, I could have a flare and indeed, at times when I've had a cold, I do need to use my Albuterol inhaler. My doctor is stunned that I have improved to the point where I rarely use medication. He actually told me he has never seen anyone improve from allergies without doing something like allergy shots, or taking medication on a daily basis.

Win-win! And I keep on using natural products, because I know they help me stay healthy, and I love them!

 MadeOn Natural Skin Care Products Review

Personally I'm a low maintenance gal, and use a minimum of personal care products, sticking mostly to the basics, like lip balm, lotion and bar soap. I've been using MadeOn products for just over a year. I was first introduced to MadeOn's Au Chocolat Hard Lotion stick last year in July when Katie Kimball from Kitchen Stewardship held a giveaway sponsored by Renee. Thank you, Katie and Renee! 🙂

Hard Lotion

“Hard lotion” was something brand new to me. Basically it is lotion that comes in a bar, or it might be in a stick dispenser. I love the smell of the Au Chocolate Hard Lotion (the smell of which is naturally occurring due to the cocoa butter) and I find it to be a really nice way to alleviate dry skin. Au Chocolat Hard Lotion has only three ingredients: 76 degree refined coconut oil [affiliate link], unbleached beeswax, and natural cocoa butter. I have a bar that I keep on my night stand to use in the evening after I take my shower, and keep a stick in my purse for when I'm out and about. You smooth the bar of lotion onto your skin and massage it in. I tend to wear sandal type shoes year round, so my heels can get pretty dry. I find that the hard lotion works really great for dry heels, at least that's been my experience.

Goat Milk Soap

I have loved goat milk soap from back when we owned goats. My son and husband used to keep me stocked with goat milk soap. I love that the bars from MadeOn are a generous five ounces. I prefer the unscented, and one bar lasts me for several weeks. I recently bought two of the new white oak soap decks. They are like little pallets  for your bar of soap. These soap decks are made from a hard white oak and are very hardy. When they get goopy with soap you can just toss them into the washing machine to clean them! (Don't put them in the dryer though). You know what soap dishes often look like, and the bar of soap can get soggy. The soap decks are a great way to avoid this sogginess. The pallets actually save you money in the long run, because extend the life of your bar of soap.

Dry Brushing

Recently I started dry brushing, and you guessed it, I bought my brush from MadeOn. Why? Because I trust Renee when she says this is her favorite dry brushing brush. The bristles are the perfect stiffness and I believe I adhere to my dry brushing schedule more often as a result of simply enjoying the brush. And the cotton rope hanger allows me to hang it up on a nail in the bathroom so that it doesn't get lost or misplaced. The handle is just the right length for me. Dry brushing works to brush away dry skin cells, stimulate the lymphatic system, exfoliate the skin to allow it to breathe, and increase circulation, and it feels good. It's a good way to help our body detox.

Lip Balms

When I saw the Vanilla Dust lip balm, I had to have it. At that time, it was out of stock, since it is a Limited Edition product. I was so happy when it finally was back in stock, and I was right. It is – hands down – my FAVORITE lip balm. At the same time I ordered the Mocha lip balm – LOVE that one, too!

All of the products I have reviewed here today are the ones I use regularly, and purchased myself. Renee did send me a few samples to try but I haven't had a chance to even break the seal on some of them! 🙂 I am trying two products for my son as he has what looks to be eczema behind one of his ears. We have had a lot of biting, flying bugs lately and my husband is testing the bug block. More on that in another review post in the near future. 🙂

Now, one more thing before I commence with announcing the giveaway… Renee also has an e-book series called My Buttered Life, each one includes recipes for making your own natural skin care products! I own all four of her series, thanks to past bundles! 🙂

In addition to hard lotions, goat milk soap, lip balms and the awesome dry brushing brush, Renee has bug block, rash cream, and facial skin care products. Everything is natural with minimal ingredients. I'm pretty much in love with the products from MadeOn and am thrilled to make my recommendation to you to try them as soon as you can. And I have to say that I love being on Renee's hot deals newsletter, because I keep getting chances to buy cool new things! Stop over at MadeOn and check out the products. I am an affiliate for Renee so if you click through my link I will earn a small percentage. The Vanilla Dust lip balm is my favorite!

What natural products do you use?


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