How to Easily Get Used to the Taste of Stevia

Review: How to Easily Get Used to the Taste of Stevia

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How to Easily Get Used to the Taste of Stevia

Okay, so if you are right at the beginning of your GAPS Diet Journey, this post isn't for you as stevia is not on the approved foods list. However, I do know that many GAPSters use stevia without any problems. When you are ready to transition from GAPS, you might want to know this little trick so bookmark or Pin it for later.

The first time I tried stevia, I was like, “Ewww! That has a nasty aftertaste, I am not going to eat that. Yuck.” The next time I tried stevia I had the same reaction. And the third, fourth and fifth times. And so for many years I just avoided stevia. But I kind of secretly wished that I liked it, because it is a natural sweetener. Some people get into the weeds there because they'll say it's processed commercially and so it's no longer natural.

I'm not going to go into that discussion on this blog post. You can find plenty of debates on the Internet with a quick Google search.

Also part of my secret wish for liking stevia is because it has no carbohydrates or calories. I don't subscribe to counting calories, but I do realize that calories do play a part in weight gain. I do keep an eye on my carbohydrates because if I go too low I have issues but if I have too many I have issues.

So quite by accident I figured out an easy way to get used to the taste of stevia and I want to share that with you today.

I like to drink carbonated water on occasion. Apparently it's not a great idea to have it all the time, and especially not if you have gut problems, but I do enjoy the bubbles. I own a Sodastream and carbonate my own filtered water. But once in awhile I like to flavor the water, so I'll add some of my homemade vanilla or concentrated juice. I rarely add sweetener. My husband still drinks Pepsi and Dr. Pepper, Coca-Cola and so those items are still around and every once in awhile I felt kind of sad about Dr. Pepper, one of my favorites.

I don't quite remember how, but I discovered that Zevia (Zero Calorie Soda) was offering coupons for $2 off a six pack. And the grocery store I shop had the six packs on sale for 3 for $10.00. I ended up buying a six pack of every flavor that Zevia sells.

It had been many years since I had my very favorite: cream soda. But, yuck. That stevia taste was there, taunting me.

Then I decided to try another long time favorite: Dr. Pepper, although Zevia calls theirs Dr. Zevia. Still the stevia taste, but I noticed when I poured the Zevia soda over ice, I didn't notice the taste as much.

Next I tried the Zevia root beer. Mmmm… tasty… still noticing the stevia, but not as much.

I tried the orange and grape, but didn't like those at all. Then again, I'd never been an orange or grape soda fan.

I tried the cherry cola. That was pretty good. And the black cherry.

My mom really liked the ginger ale.

Before long, I realized that I wasn't really noticing the stevia flavor. I had accidentally acclimated myself to the taste!

I was pretty happy about this because now I can cut some calories and carbohydrates by using stevia instead of honey [affiliate link].

Do you like stevia? How did you get used to it or have you just always liked it? Do you think you'll try getting used to it by drinking Zevia soda?


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2 thoughts on “Review: How to Easily Get Used to the Taste of Stevia

  1. I find I like stevia in some things but not in others. I find it goes well with sour things like lemon, lime, or yogurt. I use it with coconut yogurt and frozen berries in my smoothies and it’s good. I make a smoothie with coconut yogurt ice lemon and/or lime juice and a pinch of stevia and it’s like a lemon shake. So good! Elan’s Pantry also makes a good brownie recipe with dates and vanilla stevia that is good. When I try to replace honey in baking with it, it’s horrible. Have you tried lakanto? Thinking of trying that but not GAPS legal so not sure about it.


  2. Hi Monique, those are good suggestions, I’ll try some of those. Yesterday I made a Pumpkin Latte with stevia and couldn’t detect it at all. I’m so happy about that! I haven’t tried vanilla stevia – do you have a favorite brand? I love vanilla. I think I’ve had lakanto in a drink of some kind and I don’t think I liked it too much. Thanks for your comment! 🙂 ~Starlene

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