Chocolate Cupcakes with Chocolate Buttercream Frosting

Review: Silicone Cupcake Liners

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Have you ever used silicone cupcake liners?

These things are amazing. Honestly amazing.

Check out this quick review where I share how easily your cupcakes and muffins will slip out of these silicone liners.

You can see in this photo below how the paper lined cupcake to the right got all messed up when I tried to remove the paper. Click here for the recipe for the cupcakes in the photo below.

Silicone Cupcake Liners vs. Paper Liners

I buttered and floured the tin for the middle cupcake, and it came out pretty good. A couple of things I don't like about greasing and flouring the tins is the extra mess, and the additional time it adds to the process.

One thing you may or may not notice but the silicone liner cupcake is slightly smaller than the other two. For me this is a good thing, I don't mind my cupcakes being a little smaller. Less calories but you still feel like you are getting a whole cupcake.

I bake primarily with coconut flour and I learned early on that parchment paper is an absolute must; otherwise your baked good sticks so badly that often quite a good bit is wasted. Who wants to spend time chewing cupcakes off paper liners? I know I don't, so I stopped using them altogether. Slathering butter and coconut flour [affiliate link] into the cupcake tin works a lot better so I was settling for that method. The only little problem is the cupcake tin is all messy. It works though.

I've heard about silicone baking utensils, but hadn't paid much attention. To be honest, it just doesn't seem right to put anything but metal or glass in the oven! Are there chemicals leaching? Who knows?

But one day I was browsing Amazon and BPA-free silicone caught my eye. Really? I asked some of my real foodie friends and the word on the ‘net was that silicone is probably okay to use occasionally. Kind of like how I feel okay using my ice cream maker even though the insert is aluminum, and I use non-stick baking pans every so often.

I bought a set and the first thing we tried in the silicone liners was scrambled eggs [affiliate link]. That was my husband's idea. It was pretty neat how the eggs just popped right out of the silicone molds. We just put the molds into the oven on the shelf and they baked up great.

The next thing I tried was my Faux Cornmeal Muffins. You can find the recipe in either of my e-books Beyond Grain & Dairy or Mastering the Art of Baking with Coconut Flour. I was delighted beyond words when they practically fell out of the silicone molds!

Faux Cornmeal Muffins
Paper liners, boo-hiss. Silicone liners rock!

Have you used them? Do you like them?

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33 thoughts on “Review: Silicone Cupcake Liners

  1. I will bake some of everything I can! Ha Ha! I would love to try some of your Faux Cornmeal Muffins. Also the egg muffins sound good. (Actually everything sounds good because I am hungry right now)! Thank you for this opportunity.

  2. We started the GAPS journey on September 13th of this year. Our family has already seen so much improvement in our health! Fortunately I found your fb page early on and have learned so much and EVERY recipe that you have posted and we have tried has been a hit. I would love to win this prize (the liners and the e-book)! I have not made cupcakes yet, but we have tried the “corn” bread and I am sure the liners would make it so much easier. I would also like to try eggs and an English muffin recipe that stuck pretty badly to the ramekins.

  3. I think the first thing I would bake would be coconut flour blueberry muffins. I destroyed these trying to get them out of the pan. or maybe pumpkin poppers….or maybe those faux cornmeal muffins….or maybe some chocolate cherry mini bread….or maybe cinnamon apple walnut muffins. Okay now I’m hungry!!

  4. I would bake savory egg muffins – they were a disaster without a liner and I’ve been hesitant to try them again.

  5. I just made some GF cupcakes in the paper liners that stuck:(
    I could eat cupcakes every day…. no kidding!

  6. Hello – those chocolate cupcakes with chocolate buttercream look A-may-Zing!! I would try those first thing!

  7. I would love to bake some blueberry muffins and pumpkin/white chocolate chip muffins! Looks like these muffin liners work better than paper!

  8. I would bake some pastured pork meat “loaf” in the muffin cups – perfect for GAPS food on the go and on the road. Thanks, Starlene.

  9. I will make morning glory muffins. I have wanted this silicone cupcake liners for a long time. Thanks for the opportunity to try to win some.

  10. I discovered the mini liners last year, tucked away on the “sale” shelf, at one of my favorite stores. I only bought two – should have bought all three. They are wonderful! I use them to shape my homemade chocolate candies in.

    I have been on the hunt for more mini’s and for the regular size and for the mini loaf size ones!

    Your price is actually perfect and fits into my budget like it was meant to be!

    Thank you for offering them to your readers!

  11. I’ll bake pumpkin muffins and egg cups for a quick easy breakfast. Thanks for the chance to win!

  12. We have an egg allergy. So my plan for the silicone cups is to try and make “cupcakes” with your brownie and strawberry medallion cookie recipes.

  13. I will bake the cupcakes on this blog post. They look delicious! Also, I will make primal fudge ( almond butter, cocoa, honey, coconut oil). Absolutely fantastic!

  14. i’ve always wanted to try those melty chocolate in the middle cupcakes, but didn’t want to deal with the cleanup if they went awry. these seem like they will make that worst case scenario a snap!

  15. Marissa, I think one thing you’ll want to do is to slice off the top of the core from the cupcake and place it back on top of the filled gooey inside. I think about things to cook and bake before I go to sleep at night and while driving and one of the things I want to do is to make marshmallow fluff (yes, there is a GAPS friendly version) and fill a cored chocolate cupcake with it, and then some kind of dark chocolate frosting. You know, like a Hostess Cupcake. 😉

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