Can You Heal Your Thyroid Naturally?

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Sean Croxton 2nd Opinion Series

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One of the things I've known I had to work on in my healing journey was my thyroid. Because I took my basal temperature (waking) daily for years to prevent conception I was well aware that my temperature indicated hypothyroidism. Not to mention all the symptoms…

Unfortunately, I was confused on what to do and so day after day went by with symptoms but not really moving in any direction toward healing. I did verbalize my concerns to my primary care physicians but that didn't get me very far. One doctor tested the TSH and since it was within range he offered me anti-depressant drugs. (!!) A few years later the next doctor I discussed my concerns with laughed me off with a flippant, “Someone's been on the Internet too much.” (!!)

Other than talk to doctors who were only interested in pushing drugs and making fun of me though, like I said I wasn't really sure what to do. I for sure had not plans to change my diet, I had absolutely no interest in that until my husband became ill with Ulcerative Colitis. That's when I looked into the GAPS Diet, and realized that my aches and pains and mild depression and anxiety could possibly be related to an unhealthy gut, which according to Dr. Tom O'Bryan is directly related to thyroid health.

“You can arrest the development of autoimmune disease – which includes thyroid autoimmune disease – by healing the gut.” – Dr. Tom O'Bryan, The Thyroid Sessions

I didn't just do GAPS though, I researched and studied. That's one of the things I love about Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, she encourages us to figure these things out and look for the cherries on top of our own personal health “cake”.

Along the way I found Sean Croxton and his Blog Talk Radio show Underground Wellness, and one of my favorite shows was the one with Dr. Tom O'Bryan where I began researching more extensively into gluten. Ever since then, I've been pretty well convinced that I can never have gluten again because I have at least two autoimmune diseases (I have antibodies for both Hashimoto's and Grave's Disease) plus I have the most challenging MTHFR genetic mutation (two copies of C677T).

Starting GAPS was the best thing I could have done for my thyroid. But it wasn't enough. I'm currently on thyroid medication and feel like I can cope with my life, but I would love to figure out once and for all how to heal my thyroid so that I don't have to be dependent on medication!

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