Pacific Island Pineapple Papaya Coconut Fudge Babies

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“Fudge Babies” is a term coined by Chocolate Covered Katie. Her Original Fudge Babies are advanced GAPS legal (since they contain cocoa powder [affiliate link]). Katie compares these to Larabars. Okay, here's a confession… I've been cheating with Larabar's. Now many of the Larabar varieties are GAPS legal (if you aren't too worried about making sure your nuts are soaked*) and I've tried several. My favorite as it turns out is the Peanut Butter [affiliate link] Chocolate Chip… the chocolate chips contain sugar – and that's my cheat.

I've been having one or two bars a week, and they are not the same every single time. They taste okay/good but they are definitely not your 3 Musketeers or Hershey's Chocolate bar that comes out exactly the same way every time. Sometimes they are moister, sometimes they are drier. I tend to like them moister. Sometimes the bar breaks crumbles apart it is so dry.

And so I should tell you that these “babies” in my opinion are many times better than a Larabar, not to mention they are very likely more economical (I have not priced out the ingredients so I'm not 100% sure of that). I do like my own homemade much better than store bought.

The only problem with homemade is I either have to make one little bit every day, or have someone hide the rest from me so that I don't eat the whole batch at once.

Okay, you know, that's not really so true nowadays. I am so grateful to have my weight stabilized and I can pretty much eat what I want within the full GAPS menu, and not only can I eat what I want, I can eat as much as I want. And that is very important to me because I do not like portion control or calorie counting. Just let me eat in peace, thank you very much.

I think I probably just tell myself that I would eat them all at once in an effort to not feel so guilty buying one Larabar (they've been on sale $1.00 each) at a time from the grocery store. It's my little secret indulgence. Sometimes I just feel like I need a little reward to keep going. Maybe I'm sick and tired of grocery shopping and knowing I get to have a little treat just helps me get through the process.

All right, enough whining. These are pretty yummy and I hope you try them real soon.

Pacific Island Babies

  • 200 grams dates
  • 20 grams coconut flakes [affiliate link] (strips)
  • 25 grams macadamia nuts [affiliate link]
  • 15 grams papaya (home dehydrated)
  • 30 grams pineapple (home dehydrated)
  • 25 grams walnuts [affiliate link]
  • 1/8 t. vanilla [affiliate link]
  • 2 T. coconut cream [affiliate link] concentrate (Tropical Traditions is the brand I used)

Blend in a food processor or Magic Bullet [affiliate link] blender until ingredients are coarse. The resulting “dough” will be very sticky.

Form into balls.

Recipe makes 9 babies.

*One of the reasons one should soak nuts and grains is to remove phytic acid, which binds to iron and moves it out instead of your body being able to absorb it. I happen to be a person who tends to have high iron. I thought I might have hemochromatosis but it looks like I do not. I do have one gene that indicates I'm a carrier, however, so I may tend to high iron without getting iron overload.

Ironically for me, a grain-full diet most likely was helping to keep my iron levels down, that and the “bloodletting” that adult females experience on a monthly basis. My iron may be high since these are both not part of my life at this time.

All right, let me hear from you in the comments if you think you might try these yummy babies. 🙂

This recipe was shared at Motivation Monday.

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