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41 Ways to Use Bacon Grease

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Diced BaconHow many ways have you used bacon grease?

Bacon grease is a very versatile fat which can be substituted for butter and other fats. It surprises me every time I hear the question, “What can I do with bacon fat?” There are so many ways to use it, and it adds a wonderful flavor to just about anything.

The GAPS Diet which asks me to eliminate certain foods from my diet so I'm going to break my bacon grease post into two parts – the first one being GAPS legal, and the last part will list uses that are not GAPS legal. So if you're doing GAPS, pay no attention to the last half! As you're reading, think of the ways you use bacon grease, and please share in the comments!

  1. Fry your eggs [affiliate link] in it. Fry your bacon, remove. Immediately break eggs into the skillet while the grease is still hot. Tilt the skillet and carefully splash hot bacon grease onto the tops of the eggs. Both sides will be cooked within minutes.
  2. Scramble eggs in it.
  3. Substitute for butter in muffin recipes.
  4. Make mayonnaise replacing some of the oils for bacon fat. Hardens in the fridge and best served on hot foods like a hamburger fresh off the grill, slathered with bacon-mayonnaise.
  5. Saute vegetables in bacon grease.
  6. Make roasted cabbage wedges using bacon grease.
  7. Saute greens in bacon fat: collard greens, spinach, Swiss chard, beet tops, or kale.
  8. Use bacon fat to grease the skillet when making pancakes or french toast.
  9. Fry hamburgers in bacon grease.
  10. Fry chicken strips in bacon grease.
  11. Fry burger toppings in bacon grease: onions [affiliate link], mushrooms, bell pepper, jalapenos.
  12. Make butternut squash fries using bacon grease. Cut butternut squash into fries, coat with bacon grease, bake at 425°F for 20 minutes on one side, turn and bake 20 minutes on the other side.
  13. Instead of mayonnaise, drizzle a teaspoon or tablespoon of hot bacon grease on your burger which is nestled in a bed of lettuce leaves.
  14. Refried white beans. Cook white beans, drain and mash. Heat bacon grease in a skillet until hot, pour in mashed white beans until heated.
  15. Substitute bacon grease for butter when making mashed cauliflower (Faux-tatoes).
  16. Slather bacon grease on your meat before grilling.
  17. Fry apple slices in bacon until tender.
  18. Make bacon dressing.
  19. Use it to grease your skillets or baking utensils before baking.
  20. Make Bacon Aioli.
  21. Substitute bacon grease to make Roasted Brussels sprouts.

Uses other than eating

  1. For horses and dogs with a wound. Apply bacon grease as it will serve to keep the skin soft which will help the wound heal faster. The hair will also grow back faster.
  2. Shine your shoes with bacon grease. Be sure to wipe all traces of grease from the shoe.
  3. Drizzle a tablespoon or two on your pet's food for a shiny healthy coat.
  4. Make a bacon grease fire starter.

Uses for bacon grease that are not GAPS Legal:

  1. Pop popcorn in bacon grease.
  2. Fry potatoes in bacon grease. French fries, hash browns, diced potatoes, potato chips.
  3. Slather bacon grease on hamburger buns and toast in a skillet.
  4. Use bacon grease instead of butter for grilled cheese sandwiches.
  5. Substitute bacon grease for butter in potatoes.
  6. Fry sweet potato fries in bacon grease.
  7. Refried pinto beans are 10 times better when refried in bacon grease!
  8. Use bacon grease instead of butter when making cornbread.
  9. Brush bacon grease on a flour tortilla and bake at 400°F until crispy.
  10. Use bacon grease instead of coconut oil [affiliate link] to make fried rice.
  11. Make white sauce using bacon grease, instead of butter. Especially delicious with diced bacon floating around in the gravy.
  12. Use bacon grease instead of butter to grease the griddle when making pancakes.
  13. Use bacon grease instead of oil in the pancake batter.
  14. Use cold bacon grease instead of butter for pie pastry when using a savory filling.
  15. Use cold bacon grease instead of butter to make biscuits.
  16. Make Chocolate Chip Cookies with Bacon Fat.

This post was included at Fat Tuesday and Motivation Mondays.

Please share in the comments your uses for bacon grease!

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15 thoughts on “41 Ways to Use Bacon Grease

  1. Awesome list! I shared it on my Frugal Local Kitchen page today. Thanks for linking up to Motivation Monday!

  2. Yummy!! Sometimes I do miss popcorn. 🙂 Sometimes we have roasted cauliflower and that is kind of like popcorn, I bet bacon fat would taste great on that too! Thanks for sharing with us! 🙂

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  4. What a great list! Bacon grease from the morning rarely sits around until the end of the day in our kitchen any more. And to think that we used to throw this away!!!

  5. This isn’t GAPs legal, but I am gluten free and I fry gluten free bread in bacon grease. It takes this hard, dry and dense piece of psuedo bread and makes it sooooooooo good!

  6. Oh Lisa, sounds wonderful! I am going to try this with coconut flour bread sometime soon! Thanks!

  7. Hi Martha, thank you! I don’t think there was ever a time that I threw bacon grease away but I have heard that people do and always wondered what are they thinking? 🙂

  8. Im curious when bacon grease can be added in as animal fat…to the introduction gaps diet. Any ideas? I’ve looked and looked

  9. Hi Meg, I haven’t actually found an answer to this myself, but I would think you could add in bacon grease when you add butter. HTH, Starlene

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