Loving Our Guts' Broth Elixir of Life

Book Review Broth Elixir of Life from Loving Our Guts

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Loving Our Guts' Broth Elixir of Life

TPatty Lacoss-Arnold from Loving Our Gutsoday I am reviewing Broth Elixir of Life, written by my friend and affiliate partner Patty Lacoss-Arnold who blogs at Loving Our Guts. Patty and I met in December 2010 on the Yahoo Group GAPShelp. Patty started on GAPS with her family about one month before I got started and I have been so grateful to know Patty. She is an excellent researcher and has a way of writing which makes any topic easy to understand. Patty has also been a guest on my Blog Talk Radio show.

From the moment I started reading Broth Elixir of Life, I knew it was going to be a great resource for anyone on a healing diet such as GAPS. Broth is a very important ingredient in the healing process for many diets, not just GAPS. I learned a few years ago it helps me immensely to stay on track when I have good information on why I'm doing something. Case in point – Patty's e-book all about broth. I've read papers and posts on broth but Patty has outdone herself going over the whys and hows, plus this e-book is filled with gorgeous photos (awesome job Jen Pagano)! If you have ever wanted to learn more about why it's so important to drink broth, you'll want to read this e-book. If you have family members that are wondering what's the big deal about broth, you'll want to gift them with a copy.

Here are the chapter headers from Loving Our Guts:

  • Introduction
  • What Exactly is Broth?
  • Broth Making (includes broth making tools and ingredients)
  • Basic Broth Instructions (how to make broth and cooking times)
  • Different Ways to Make Broth (perpetual broth, slow cooker broth, pressure cooker broth, and dehydrated broth)
  • Broth Recipes (7 basic recipes with meat variations)
  • Sneaky Broth Ideas (17)
  • Recipes that Use Broth (10 recipes)
  • Grain Free Breads (3 recipes)

One of my favorite chapters is What Exactly is Broth, especially the paragraph which names nutrients and minerals found in broth. Who would have thought that a product which for years I made and thought was simply a frugal way to get one more use out of a chicken carcass could be so nutritious?

Chicken broth is the most popular version in our home. Broth Elixir of Life includes recipes for chicken, turkey, rabbit, duck, goose, beef, lamb, pork and fish broth.

For those of you with picky eaters who don't like broth, Patty shares 17 sneaky ways to get broth into your family.And of course, a book about broth has to include recipes for soups in which you can use those broths! One of my soups, Cod Fish and Mushroom Soup is included. Patty also includes three grain-free bread recipes which are delicious with soup.




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