Baby Steps for Getting Started on GAPS

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It seems to be that GAPS has a reputation for being super hard. It really doesn't have to be. Dinner can be as simple as roast beef, green beans with butter, a little dish of sauerkraut on the side, and a cup of broth (meat, vegetable, fat, ferment, broth). Really. It doesn't have to be any more complicated than that when you are getting started. Sure there are other things to incorporate but no one can do everything all at once, so just take your first step.

It is completely acceptable to take baby steps in starting GAPS. If you have a child with autism, or you have severe digestive issues, you may wish to expedite your steps but the bottom line is by placing one foot in front of the other you will get to where you are going eventually. It has been said that GAPS is not a sprint, but a marathon. It takes time. Healing takes time. Our bodies are designed to heal themselves but this healing doesn't come overnight. When you get a scrape on your knee it doesn't heal overnight, it takes a few days or sometimes weeks, depending on the severity of the wound. By nourishing our bodies and healing our guts, there is great hope for healing completely. When I started GAPS, I wasn't sure what to expect, and I really only hoped to feel less depressed and have more energy. Along the way there (which ironically I'm still fine tuning those issues – although they are much, much better than pre-GAPS), I had so many other things clear up, symptoms I never considered to be related to diet. You can read the symptoms which were completely alleviated or majorly subsided in my six month anniversary update post.

The sooner you get started, the sooner you will feel better.

Here are the steps I recommend:

  1. The most important thing: Get your hands on a copy of Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride's book. Read it from cover to cover. Make good use of your pencil or pen and mark the passages that resonate with you, or members of your family. Read it again and continue to read passages that are pertinent to your situation.
  2. I also found Baden Lashkov's book called GAPS Guide very helpful in getting started taking baby steps. Baden's book is currently not available for sale but is supposed to be out in April 2013.
  3. Make a pot of soup.
  4. Find support online. By joining in with groups of people who are talking about GAPS, you can ask questions and realize that you are not the only one on this health journey.
  5. Visit Dr. Natasha's official website where she outlines the basic information about GAPS.
  6. Visit the GAPS Diet site where you can find a list of the full GAPS Diet foods. I also offer a free handy list of the GAPS foods sorted by category (meats, vegetables, fruits, fats, ferments, etc.) when you sign up for my newsletter.
  7. Start with the full GAPS list first. You don't have to start with the Introduction Diet. It's true! Some people find healing by eating from the full GAPS list of foods. Dr. Natasha even confirmed this on her Frequently Asked Questions page. I have heard a lot of people say that they felt better after having done Introduction, and again if you have a child with autism or you have severe digestive problems you will probably have to do Introduction. Cara Comini has written a very helpful e-book called What Can I Eat Now? 30 Days on GAPS Introduction.
  8. Relax. Don't beat yourself up if you “slip” – you are probably going to eat something that's not “legal” or you might knowingly eat something not “legal” because you felt tempted. It's not the end of the world. Forgive yourself and move on.

Links for the above recommendations:

Support Groups

Help me out – tell me what baby steps you recommend for getting started on GAPS?




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