Sale Extended one more day! HealThy Mouth World Summit

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Great news! If you were wanting to get the HealThy Mouth World Summit upgrade package, and you thought you missed out, the sale has been extended until tonight at midnight. The price is $79 and will go up to $99 after the sale ends.

These presentations could not come at a better time for me. I am planning to start having my amalgams removed, I've worked up my nerve, saved some money and planning to call my holistic dentist this week to make an appointment.

I learned a lot from the talks I was able to listen to, and I bought the upgrade so that I can listen to the others. One thing I learned from my son Matthew, I always learn more when I listen to something a second or third time, so this will give me that opportunity. I am planning to put them on my iPod so that I can listen on my drive to work and home.

Here are some bullet points:

  • We can actually remineralize teeth including cavities!
  • Metals used in dental fillings could be a cause of disease in the body.
  • Tooth decay happens mostly because of factors outside our mouths!
  • Steps each of us can take to reverse tooth decay
  • The risks of dental fillings (AND your options if you have ‘silver’ fillings!)
  • The proper technique to have ‘silver’ fillings removed from your mouth
  • Why NOT to use fluoride in your mouth
  • What nutrient you can use in your mouth proven to lower risk of tooth decay
  • Options if you have root canals, crowns or other existing dental
  • How oral health directly impacts whole body health
  • How what’s going on in our mouths may be a major cause of cancer!
  • What each of us can do in our own lives to create positive change!
  • How a simple, old school detox technique can help us live healthier lives
  • Questions to ask a dentist to see if they are sufficiently trained to help us

If you are interested in the upgrade, just click here.


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