Grateful GAPS Holidays Foods Blog Hop

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This blog hop is also hosted by Patty at Loving Our Guts and Joy from The Liberated Kitchen. We are all thankful for GAPS, and I hope you will go to each of their pages to find out how GAPS has helped them!

Why I'm Grateful for GAPS

GAPS has been a life changer for me.   I was naturally slender until becoming pregnant and having been unable to lose that “baby weight” I went on a diet for the first time.  I decided to try bodybuilding along with the low fat diet. It worked… for a while. But it set up so many cravings for me that I vowed I would never diet again. I spent the next 15 years practicing body acceptance and each year the scale crept higher.  In addition to gaining weight, I started having lots of aches and pains, and was always tired and mildly depressed.  My feet hurt so bad I had to wear these ugly black men's casual wear shoes, otherwise I could barely stand on my own two feet. My back hurt. Sometimes I couldn't get the words formed in my head out of my mouth. Sometimes I would drop things. I had anxiety. I cried a lot – my coworkers remember a different Starlene, it's kind of embarrassing to look back on.  I figured all these symptoms were just signs of growing older and I accepted each one without much concern. I certainly wasn't changing my diet. No way, no how.

But then my husband was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. I'd heard about GAPS but had never taken a second look.  I knew it was geared towards children with autism and those with severe digestive problems so I decided to do some research. As I read the book even though I was determined to never restrict any foods from my diet and I never considered myself to have digestive problems, I started to wonder if there was any chance that I could help myself to feel less tired and depressed.  I'm so grateful that I decided to give GAPS a chance because many of my symptoms disappeared within six months.  I continue with GAPS because I love the food and I love that my relationship with food no longer feels addictive and I never feel like taking a nap after I eat. There are so many delicious foods to be had on GAPS, and hopefully with this blog hop we can help you find all of your old favorites, plus many new ones!

What is GAPS Friendly


Click the photo to buy the book. It is a reference you won't regret having!

If you have an SCD or Paleo recipe, it is most likely GAPS Legal or can very easily be modified to fit into the GAPS diet! The short version is that GAPS legal recipes are:

  • all real food
  • grain-free (even alternate grains like quinoa and amaranth are excluded)
  • starchy veg free (no potatoes of any kind)
  • sweetened by honey [affiliate link] or fruit
  • only use aged cheeses such as parmesan, gouda, or cheddar, not fresh cheeses such as mozzarella or ricotta
  • adhere to the Weston A. Price Foundation's principles.

Share Your Holiday Recipe Links!

If your recipe includes other ingredients which can be subbed with GAPS legal ingredients, please make a note of that in your recipe. For this blog hop we are looking for recipes geared toward the fall and winter holiday season.  We hope you find some old favorites reworked here or maybe you have some of your own to share.

If you're unsure about a recipe, just ask! We'll be more than glad to check it out and suggest modifications if needed.

A couple of requests:

  1. Please link back to this post somewhere in the body of your post.
  2. Make sure you post a link to your post, not to the front page of your blog.
  3. Leave a comment saying what you've shared!
  4. By participating, you agree that we may use an image from your post if we decide to featured your post.

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