Review and Giveaway! Pickl-It Fermenting Jar

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Today I'm reviewing and giving away one 1-1/2 liter Pickl-It fermenting jar. I purchased two jars last year (at a special rate for bloggers) and have had one set aside to give away all this time. I've been using my jar since and have made sauerkraut in it several times.

If I could afford to buy more Pickl-It jars, these would be my fermenting jars of choice. There is a marked difference between the sauerkraut that is produced in a regular jar, and the Pickl-It jar. It tastes better to me, and according to Pickl-It ferments must be produced in anaerobic conditions, especially for those with gut issues.

There is a story behind the creation of the Pickl-It jar, which you can read here but in a nutshell Kathleen and her husband began following a Weston A. Price Nourishing Traditions diet because their youngest child was diagnosed with autism. As you know, fermenting foods are a big part of Nourishing Traditions as they are in GAPS. Kathleen says, “Frustratingly, the wild card in the diet? My lacto-fermented foods! They never turned out the same, varying wildly – one batch, lip-puckering sour one week; the next, mushy and bland. The inconsistencies were testing my family’s adventurous, ‘Can Do!' attitude.”  After Kathleen's husband attended a beer and wine-making class they realized the need for anaerobic conditions. They set about creating a fermentation jar which features:

  • anaerobic conditions
  • tight-fitting seal and lid so no oxygen could get in
  • automatic release of excess carbon dioxide and oxygen
  • reducing oxygen’s access to fermented food, eliminating discoloration and texture changes
  • pest-proof barrier
  • reduction in mold/fungus/yeast
  • consistent flavor and texture
  • toxin-free container free of lead, BPA, petroleum products, cadmium, or phthalates


Pickl-It Fermentation Jar


The Pickl-It site is full of great information:

Today I am giving away one of the Pickl-It jars to one of my readers. Please use the Rafflecopter form below to enter. Good luck!

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