Dr. Jack Kruse Leptin Reset Protocol GAPS-Style

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Folks are always tweaking GAPS, there are anti-candida versions and lower carb versions, dairy-free versions and still others where people avoid oxalates or other foods that they can't tolerate yet.

Why not a Leptin reset GAPS version? 🙂   Dr. Kruse suggests following a paleolithic type diet, foods of which are included on the full GAPS list. I commented on one of Dr. Kruse's posts detailing all my “issues” and he suggested I just try the leptin reset as soon as possible and don't worry about all the minor details. It reminded me a lot of Dr. Natasha. Just do the diet and things will fall into place.

There are a few differences that I see right away. For one thing, leptin reset says eat within 30 minutes of rising while Dr. Natasha says we shouldn't eat before 10am as our body is detoxing… but I've not been able to follow that admonition since my day starts so early and I have never been able to wait that long to eat. Not that I'm a big breakfast person, but I usually have something pretty early in the morning. The Leptin reset requires the following:

  • 50 grams protein and plenty of fat at breakfast
  • Eat breakfast as early as possible from rising (within 30 minutes)
  • Follow a paleo or primal style diet
  • Less than 25 grams carbs daily for overweight persons
  • No snacking – ever again
  • 3 meals a day initially, but adapt to two ultimately (four meals allowed if needed with adrenal fatigue)
  • Do not work out before or after breakfast
  • Allow 4-5 hours in between meals and sleep time
  • If you incorporate working out, only do it after 5pm
  • Last meal of the day before 7pm

I'm not sure if I can do this or not… but I'm seriously considering it. I will still include GAPS basics, like broth and ferments, but this would at least it would be something to try in the interim while I can't get the prescription I think that I need.

To tell you the truth, when Dr. Kruse commented back and said just do the reset ASAP I felt such relief. Hope that this might work, relief that if it does work I can stop fighting to take medication <!!>, that is so not me! Relief that I can stop feeling like I'm a hypochondriac. I have never been like this and I don't like it! But I am so worn out I have to do something. On the other hand, I truly don't want to get my hopes up that this will work and I won't need to take medication. It would be nice if that would be the case though, wouldn't it? I just don't want to get disappointed. I told my mom how I felt and she could relate, asking me if I knew how many books she's bought over the years, thinking this would be THE ANSWER? LOL! Human nature, I guess. But at least we're willing to make the commitment to do something to try and get better.

I'm already ahead of the game since I eat fairly clean – meaning – I don't eat SAD. This won't be a huge leap for me. I think it might take some advance preparation… for example, I may need to start cooking enough at dinner for not only my lunch, but also breakfast. Having those extra two hours a day that I'm taking vacation time for should help.

I'll let you know how it goes.

Have you any thoughts about the Leptin reset? Would you be interested in trying it with me? I think it is going to be a bit like doing Introduction… any takers?



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11 thoughts on “Dr. Jack Kruse Leptin Reset Protocol GAPS-Style

  1. go grlll – drop the grains! after some months, adding back the “safe” grains – little rice, little buckwheat – but do yourself a HUGE favor and do it – you’ll see that your menu will evolve and you’ll be more satiated than ever before–

    I don’t have experience with Doc’s protocol but it makes infinite sense – what do you have to lose except unwanted weight and big pharma toxic meds?

  2. @Ravi, thanks for the encouragement, but I have actually already been off grains for nearly two years now. I’m not planning to add any back in until I feel much better than I do now. I recently found this Leptin For Dummies embedded in the comments at Dr. Kruse’s which helps to explain who it works a bit better. Thanks for visiting and commenting!

  3. I am just starting the gaps diet. After reading Dr Kruse’s Leptin reset protocol, I will be following his advice also because it makes perfect sense to me. A good friend of mine, who is a homeopath, keeps telling me to give myself 5 hours between meals. Must be something to it. I am also reading “Wheat Belly” and it is full great information. I am going to follow your blog and also read from the beginning of your journey. I sure need encouragement because I don’t know anyone that is on a no grain diet and feel a bit alone in this way of eating. Everyone I talk to thinks it is nonsense. I live in a senior high rise and do not want to end up walking with a cane or riding in a wheelchair. That is just not living to me. Thanks for blogging. Maybe someday I will get the courage to do the same.

  4. I know I left a reply here and you took it off. Don’t worry, Lady, it will never happen again. And oh, you probably are a hypochondriac the way you wrote to Dr. Kruze it was like you thought he was your doctor. Anyway, your boring and so wrapped up in youself I prefer reading other blogs to yours.

  5. Susan, my computer had a virus and was out of commission for the entire weekend, and my blog was also down. I see that you posted last week but I do work and often only have time to check comments on the weekend. Your other comment has been approved. This comment of yours is very hurtful.

  6. I met you through the the 100 comment event and am just reading through your blog. I don’t know why but I just felt like I would comment about the comment from Susan But then I sit here not knowing exactly what to say! It is unbelievable how some will see a situation one way and take offense to it. But I am finding your blog very informational and I appreciate the courage you have to share your struggles. You mention, in a moment of being real and vulnerable, that you are tired of feeling like a hypochondriac. Then she turns on you and uses that to try to hurt you! I guess she felt rejected, jumping to the conclusion that you “snubbed” her comment and wanted to heap her hurt on you! At any rate, I just guess I wanted to say that hurtful comment was not true!

  7. I’m doing Dr. Kruse’s program as you listed it above. Just on it a few days. I’d like to read an upate from you and how it worked for you. Are you still following it?

  8. Hi Serena Joye, thanks for asking. That is something I should do and I will put together an update for next week. In a nutshell I relaxed on the 25 grams carbs part of the leptin reset mid-January and it took me until last week to realize it was problem for me and now I’m back to staying under the 25 grams carbs, plus I’m doing the cold thermogenesis. I’m going to stay on the leptin reset for awhile. How is it going for you so far?

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