Day 535 Almost 20 months on GAPS

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I have been very, very busy in the past couple of weeks. On Friday I went into town, taking one of my precious days off work to ferry around one of our clients who is blind. She has been helping us to gather prizes for our annual raffle and she was sorrowful at not having been able to sell many tickets. I knew it would really brighten her day if I took her around to sell tickets and I have always enjoyed spending time with my elders. She is 79 years old and quite the firecracker. We ended up selling almost 700 tickets! She had an idea to go to the fire stations and one of the captains took an instant liking to her and rallied up his guys to buy tickets, and then set us up to go to another fire station where they beat the amount the first station had bought. It was a fun day, but essentially I lost an entire day at home so I feel like I'm behind on everything. I did however get caught up on my husband's accounting, and we had our weekly meeting so I at least accomplished that. But I really need a housekeeper to help me with the housework!

I had to take a nap yesterday and today, I have felt extra tired.

Next Friday I have to go into work for a twelve hour day to work the party. I have to be “on” for most of those twelve hours so it will be interesting to see how I do. At last year's party I was eight months into GAPS and feeling a lot better. I am still feeling better than I did before starting GAPS, but still on a quest for more energy.

I've started to take a digestive enzyme Enzymedica Digest Basic (this is my Amazon affiliate link) to see if it helps. It says to take one with every meal. I wonder if I should take one every time I eat? I have been nibbling today and wondered if I should take one every time I eat another little meal.

Anyway, I have read in more than one place if your stomach doesn't have the right bacteria or acids to digest it will take much of your energy reserves to digest your food. Digestive enzymes are supposed to help, but I don't know how long it will take.

I am continuing to use the bio-identical hormone cremes and I recently learned that for the second jar I will not use the cremes for the first seven days of the month in an attempt to “regulate” my periods. The woman I spoke with on this said if my body has more eggs [affiliate link] to produce then I will begin to have regular periods, if not, she says going through menopause will be easier. I have committed to trying the cremes for four months, so we will see what happens.

So far I am still feeling calmer, but I do not yet detect more energy levels. It is so hard to keep up with everything… broth, ferments, cod liver oil, liver, etc. It just seems like too much sometimes. But I am still convinced that I will find the recipe for my personal GAPS cake.

The digestive enzymes were one thing that was recommended by the doctor who prescribed the bio-identical cremes, and he also suggested some B vitamins. I think I may start to supplement those next. I'm trying to do one thing at a time to see what works.

My air conditioning on my car is broken, and I just had it fixed in March. I am so frustrated by this, and I believe it is also adding to my tiredness. Thankfully my son let me borrow his car on Friday so we were comfortable while driving around to sell raffle tickets.

I had gotten back to eating a lot of fruit, so I stopped eating fruit on Monday the 18th and had no fruit for three days… then I had a banana on Thursday. And I've had some strawberries this weekend that my husband brought home (four pounds!).

This next week is going to be extra busy and stressful… and the next week will be really stressful at work as we attempt to begin entering our state billings in a brand new system. I will cope well, but I know I will be extra tired as a result. I am trying harder to get to bed in the evening as early as I can. I should be in bed already, but I took a late nap. I'm also very thirsty, I have not had much water to drink today.

So how are you doing on your GAPS journey?


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9 thoughts on “Day 535 Almost 20 months on GAPS

  1. Hi Starlene,
    I definitely recommend the B vitamin complex. Despite eating red meat every day, I am still deficient in B’s. They are great for your energy too!

  2. Good luck with some busy weeks.

    I did digestive enzymes (Betaine HCI) for a few weeks and then my stomach started hurting. Maybe that was all it took for me.

    Was wondering if it’s possible to get added to your blogroll?

  3. @Mary @ Homemade Dutch Apple Pie, I’ve added you to my GAPS blogroll, thanks for linking to me. Actually, as I understand it, Betaine HCI and digestive enzymes are two different things. Betaine HCI increases stomach acid, and I have heard that is usually what happens, that it is only needed for a time and then the stomach begins to create enough stomach acid. Digestive enzymes are enzymes to help with digestion in a different way. I’m not exactly sure how, but Dr. Natasha sometimes recommends to use both products at different times in the meal. I think the Betaine HCI at the beginning of the meal, and enzymes during or after. I will try to find out how that goes and report back. Thanks for visiting and commenting!

  4. @Natalia, thank you for the encouragement, I will make a point to order those today. The doctor who prescribed the cremes wants me to use a very specific type of B vitamins. I will report back on that once I get them. Thanks for visiting and commenting!

  5. From what I understand if your stomach acid is ok you likely don’t need the de. She only recommends de for some cases. I hope they work for you!

    Thanks for adding me!

  6. Don’t take the Betaïne HCL at the beginning of a meal. This can hurt your stomach or intestines! You must take it half an hour after a difficult meal. Or even a little later.

  7. Well I was on Gaps for a year and a half and switched to Bee’s candida diet which has helped me out a lot more. I did the intro diet for a year after 6 months on the regular diet. I couldn’t eat anything else because I had too many food allergies which now I find out are just food sensitivites. And the reactions I had were actually healing reactions. So I started Bee’s diet and started adding in foods that I hadn’t been eating like eggs and coconut oil because I thought I was allergic to them. And one thing I’ve learned recently is to not be scared of the reactions and to eat more. Push through like NCM would say.

    Coconut oil is the most healing food on the planet. Put down the fruit and get on Bee’s diet. And read every article on her site. She knows what shes talking about. Look at all her success stories. She has 200 of them posted on her site. Go to and you’ll find 5. Gaps diet will help you feel better but their are wholes in it and its hard to cure yourself all the way with that diet.

    Fruit is your problem along with almond flour or whatever else feeds candida. From one candida sufferer to another with nothing to gain but trying to help another human being, go to her site and read and start the diet. I hope you do and good luck! Danny 🙂

  8. Hi Danny, I’m really very thankful for your suggestion to try Bee’s diet and I had looked into it before GAPS but obviously I am partial to GAPS, so I probably won’t veer from this journey for the time being. And… maybe I’m in denial, but I really don’t think I have a problem with candida. I thought I did in my twenties, and for many years avoided all sugars/fruit, etc. and took Twin Labs Yeast Fighters. More recently, I have taken the comprehensive yeast questionnaire that Baden recommends and I score quite low and have since the first time I took it. There are 54 symptoms on which to score, and of those I score “0” on all but 9. Of those nine, one is a 5 (fatigue), two are 3 (ability to concentrate and anxiety), six are 2; the ones I have scored more than “0” are as far as I know directly related to adrenal fatigue. I took the test again just now and scored 23. If I did suspect candida, I would probably commit to doing an anti-candida version of GAPS which has been discussed quite a bit on the Yahoo! GAPShelp list of which I’m part.

    I have to applaud Bee in her diligence in posting success stories as it speaks volumes. Too bad the owner of GAPS Diet (not Dr. Natasha) has not been as committed to posting success stories. But the good news is, Dr. Natasha is collecting these stories and having them published in a book. Also, if others would like to read more GAPS success stories than are currently posted at the GAPS Diet site, check Baden’s site. Also, visit Sarabeth’s site for GAPS success stories, and my Blog Talk Radio show if you like listening, so far I’ve had twelve interviews of GAPS success stories.

    Danny, once again I do thank you for taking the time to share your success with Bee’s diet, and your encouragement to look into it further. Best, Starlene

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