When Sleep Takes Precedence Over Blogging

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Sleep, self-care, detox baths, cooking dinner, washing dishes, ya know… life… I made up my mind that I was going to start getting more sleep, so that meant a few things had to go by the wayside.

I should actually be in my detox bath already… I am really craving the hot water.

There are a lot of things going on for me right now… maybe I should just make bullet points:

  • Listened to a new podcast today by The Healthy Skeptic, his first podcast to be exact, will link it up later, but feel a little bit bummed out with my interpretation that I may not have much choice in the size my body is going to be
  • Been talking on the GAPShelp list about getting my amalgams removed… I have eight… and wondering how badly my health is being affected
  • Hate getting dental work done
  • Don't have the funds to pay for it
  • Current dentist cares not one whit about mercury in amalgams and does nothing to protect anyone while removing amalgams
  • Period started after quite a long time… thinking it's been at least three months
  • Feel really tired
  • I miss my husband, he's working a lot and away from home a lot
  • I've been feeling down in the dumps… but feeling like I have some expectations to meet up to, since I'm doing the talk show, feel like I need to be up and happy all the time
  • Still unhappy about the 3 pound weight gain, but logically realize it has to be water weight gain due to my period, my ankles were swollen for heaven's sake, I knew I was retaining fluids
  • Why am I retaining fluids? Is it really normal? Do I need to do some kind of liver flush?
  • Did I just ask myself if I wanted to do a liver flush?
  • Do I need to do some kind of wormer?
  • My pants are tight. I didn't even dare try to squeeze into the “not a true” size 8s. The size 10 was tight enough.
  • Tired, so tired. Part of my tiredness could be from my period. I used to get really tired during my period.
  • T.S. Wiley says naps are not a good thing, that they force our body to create melatonin at the wrong time of the day.
  • A GAPShelp lister said naps aren't good, this time with information from Adrenal Fatigue by Wilson.
  • Am I harming myself by napping in the daytime? What if I have no other choice? I feel like I have to get sleep whenever I can, even if it's in the middle of the day. And guess what? I love, love, love napping in the middle of the day. It is decadent.
  • Tomorrow makes 17 months on GAPS. I still don't have the energy of a toddler.
  • I'm tired. Did I already say that?

Tomorrow I will update on where I'm at with intro.

Until then.

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5 thoughts on “When Sleep Takes Precedence Over Blogging

  1. Hey Starlene,

    I *totally love* that you let sleep and detox baths take precedence over blogging!! While I love reading your journey, I even more love you gaining health by making self-care a higher priority.

    If your life doesn’t allow a super early bedtime to give you a good eight or so hours before you have to wake, I would carry on with the naps, myself.

    Hopefully once your period finishes you’ll feel better. Liver does a lot for my energy pre-period.


  2. Dear Starlene,
    First off, I want to thank you so much for sharing your GAPS journey, and your wonderful blog radio interviews. You provide encouragement, ideas and a refreshing sense of honesty. I am on day 10 of intro and having some die-off fogginess and gallbladder issues that are making it difficult for me to want to eat anything, so I hope this makes some sense!
    I have some information regarding mercury toxicity that comes from my experience as a health professional and also from my, unfortunately, extensive personal experience. As a scientist, I find it very frustrating that heavy metal toxicity..and it’s removal is such an inexact science !
    I have learned, through my own experience, and through that of a practitioner who helped save my life that the key as to whether or not amalgams have a big impact on your health is largely determined by how they were placed. You might find it hard to remember back to that experience, especially if you were a child. If the amalgams were “cured”, meaning that the dentist had you wait quite awhile after, while the filling was treated with a UV light, or other method, you may not have any problem. Most of the mercury is released into our bodies right after the filling is placed, although there continues to be some varying amounts released after. Our body has amazing ways of storing this mercury to keep from harming us as much as it possibly could. It is vitally important that if you do have your fillings removed, it is done by a knowledgeable dentist, and that you begin a preventative detox protocol before, and continue it.
    Cilantro, as food in large amounts, or tincture, along with seaweed and /or chlorella in fairly large amounts helps to remove mercury from our bodies. There are other methods, such as chelation ( which almost put an end to me!)…that work for different people. Even though my background was in traditional medicine, I found no help there for mercury problems. Some Chinese practioners are especially helpful, as they can also provide herbs that help the body through this process.
    One last thought. I so appreciate how you look at the big picture…and I can see your analytical mind at work. I can soooo relate ! However…one thing that I has found that has kept me from being overwhelmed from all of the info out there is to try and make an effort to take some quiet meditative or prayer time to let go, and trust that I will be directed to the right answer. That’s how I found GAPs !
    Best to you,

  3. Hi Starlene!

    I was looking for an email address, but I didn’t see it so thought I would send this to you this way….

    Didn’t know if you had heard about Beyond Organic a company that is set to launch in Oct. by Jordan Rubin. The more I hear about it, the more excited I get…thought you may be interested, too. You can sign up for free and there is NO obligation.. Let me know your thoughts on it. 😉



  4. That is right, take care of yourself first, we can wait. I often take my podcasts into the bath with me, they help me soak for longer. Keep up the healing!

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