Millie, mother of Kevin and Ellen

GAPS Journey Blog Talk Radio Interview with Millie and daughter Ellen

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Millie, mother of Kevin and Ellen

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I've been remiss in announcing my Blog Talk Radio shows. I will begin a series of posts to announce each interview with some of the topics discussed within.

On April 23rd, 2011 I interviewed Millie whose son was diagnosed with autism. Millie's daughter Ellen also came on the show that day and we talked about the work she has done with her baby son who was beginning to show some signs of autism as well.

  • Millie explained that she had been doing the Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates and that is how she was introduced to GAPS. Donna Gates and Dr. Natasha did a series of videos together, discussing their diets and the similarities between their protocols.
  • Millie discussed issues with her husband, a staph infection he couldn't clear on his leg until they did GAPS.
  • Millie shared how very hungry her son was when they started the GAPS diet, and also she shared the learning curve of learning to cook everything from scratch.
  • Millie told us how she learned one new thing each month to make the tasks easier and shared that she can get dinner on the table in half an hour nowadays.
  • Millie talked about how we're not healing autism, but we're healing the body by doing GAPS.

And then Ellen came on and talked with us for awhile.

  • Ellen worked as a Special Ed 1:1 aid for children with learning disabilities like Asperger's Syndrome and who were higher functioning on the autism spectrum, she talked with us about her experience in the classroom.
  • Ellen shared her own GAPS history with taking antibiotics and having had yeast infections and bladder infections.
  • Ellen's first baby was very sleepy and Ellen had trouble getting him to stay awake long enough to nurse and this was a red flag for her, but she also began to notice other signs like he wouldn't focus, he wouldn't snuggle, he was difficult and hard to engage.
  • Ellen shared how she was addicted to sugar during this time, and that she was completely exhausted.
  • Eventually she put her son on the WAPF raw milk formula and he began to thrive.
  • Once she started her son on GAPS intro he started to talk around 30 months of age and she and Millie feel they snatched him from the brink of autism.
  • Ellen's second baby has been very healthy in comparison.

Then Millie came back on to talk with us.

  • Millie shared that parents have to have the right attitude when doing GAPS, if they convey to our kids that they are being deprived, the kids will pick up on that. So we need to turn our thinking around. Millie's family thinks they are lucky to be eating such delicious foods and they understand how important GAPS is to their continued health and well being.

It was such an honor to speak with Millie about the success she has found for her family on the GAPS Diet. I hope you enjoy the interview!


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