Day 509 Another Round of Intro Stage 4 Day 12

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I'm still on Stage 4, but I cheated today and had some lettuce. I couldn't stand it for a minute longer. So I guess you could say I'm actually at Stage 5, even though I never did get the almond flour [affiliate link] bread made and haven't drizzled the olive oil. I honestly don't like the taste of olive oil, unless it's hidden by vinegar and dumped onto salad.

So I'm going to say that tomorrow I'll drizzle some olive oil on something, and make a small loaf of almond flour bread, and be done with Stage 4 and move on to Stage 5.

My husband woke up late this morning. He had planned to be at a job at 7am, but since he went to bed at I don't know, maybe it was 2am? And he is overtired from getting too little sleep for night after night. Thankfully the place where he had to be was an empty rental, so there was no one waiting on him to arrive at a specific time.

But since he woke up late, he also had to push getting a load of water to a later time. Maybe even tomorrow. And I knew we were down to 700 gallons the last time he checked, a couple of days ago. If we run out of water in our underground tank (which holds 2500 gallons) then it's just a big hassle since the pipes in the house lose their prime and we have to mess with the water pump to get water flowing back to the house and yard. When the electricity goes out here, everyone knows to not turn on the water! Water will continue to come out of the pipes but then pretty soon air will be flowing through and now the pump has lost its prime and when the electricty comes back on then we have to mess with the pump and getting water flowing back into the house..

So, I took it upon myself to get a load of water. Actually, as it ends up, I stuck with it and filled the tank, which took five trips. We are only 1/5 of a mile from the community well, but in between having to drive there and back, open and close the gate to keep the dogs in while at the well, and the filling and emptying of the tank, it takes 30 minutes for each 500 gallon tank of water. So… I spent 2 and a half hours today getting water.

Today was a high energy day for me. The first I've had in some time. And I've got this cold or virus, I guess a cold is a virus, so yeah, I've got this cold and still I had energy.

What I actually suspect is happening is the “nesting urge”. No, I'm not pregnant. But I learned over the years that – exactly like when I was pregnant and before the baby was due to be born I got a nesting urge, I also would get a nesting urge before my period would start.

Those “nesting urges” or “bursts of energy” would come regularly in my thirties… I could depend on that natural burst of energy to get some housework done. The rest of the time was sheer torture, forcing myself to just do something, anything to make a dent. It's like there's this giant mountain called housework and when I finally have some energy I'm only able to tackle about 3 inches of it, and it's a 300 foot mountain. I've learned over the years to just do what I can, and not kill myself trying.

So, as I said, it was a high energy day. Just the thought of getting water would usually make me tired. It's not too hard, but it does involved some work.

Let me just tell you about it a little bit.

First the trailer has to be hooked up. I can do it, and I have done it in the past, but it just so happened that my son was available to help me, so I asked him to come out and do it for me. He mentioned to his pa as he was coming out what he was going to do, so my husband told him where the hitch was at, the one that belongs in my vehicle. I backed up my vehicle to the trailer, getting right on target and lined up with the hitch. I didn't forget the lessons from years ago when I learned how to haul the trailer. It's an old pickup bed that was converted into a trailer.

Now drive out to the front of the property. That's the easy part… if you watched my vlog for Day 505, at about 1 minute in you will see a wide shot of our property, anyway so you get out to the front of the property and my husband recently fixed the gate so it moves much more easily… it used to be impossible for me to open because it's heavy and would scrape on the dirt. 

  1. put car in park
  2. get out of the car
  3. unlock the gate
  4. shove the gate open
  5. get back in the car
  6. put car in drive
  7. pull out of property
  8. put car into park
  9. get out of the car
  10. close the gate so the dogs don't get out
  11. get back in the car
  12. drive to the well
  13. connect the hose to the community well
  14. make sure the hose is in the tank
  15. unlock the well turn on
  16. enter the code
  17. turn on the pump
  18. wait 15 minutes for 500 gallons to load into the tank
  19. drive back home
  20. stop at front gate
  21. put car in park
  22. open gate
  23. and on and on

Drive to the underground tank. Place the hose into the opening and open the tank spout with channel locks since the spout handle is plastic, sun damaged and can't be turned with one's hand. Wait 15 minutes for the water to gravity feed into the underground tank.

During the time that the tank was filling, I cleaned out my car. I came into the house and emptied all the trash cans. On my way out of the yard on the second trip I took trash with me to the dumpster. 

I made five trips. The last two trips I took it easy, but the first three, during the filling and emptying of the tank I was busy working.

I kind of tired myself out.

I didn't get more soup made today. I'm scared to eat the last batch I made because I did something really stupid! I added in about 1 and a half cups of baked acorn squash. I figured it would not flavor the soup THAT much, and I didn't think 1 and a 1/2 cups of high carb squash would bother me, but I swear just having some of that soup was causing me to feel anxiety. So now I am not sure about eating the rest of it.

I must make soup tomorrow!

I took a nap today also, but I am feeling exhausted and tired again. The wind was blowing when I was outside for 2.5 hours getting our tank filled, and I think I either got sunburned or windburn. My lips feel chapped.

Tomorrow let's hope will be the last day of Stage 4. 

OH, I have to report something. Last night I shopped at Costco, and I was craving chicken thighs, so I bought some boneless. Which later I thought how stupid! I should have bought bone-in because I could have used the bones to make stock. I baked some chicken thighs once I got home, and I ate four of them… or did I eat five of them? I was starving for chicken thigh. I also steamed some spinach but that didn't taste as good as I'd anticipated. 

Later, after I ate dinner, I noticed that my ankles were swollen! This is the first time my ankles have been swollen since I started GAPS. I think it has something to do with my hormones, because I suspect my period is going to start soon. I have had a couple of odd pains in my stomach around where my ovaries are, and also the nesting urge, and I haven't been having hot flashes which usually they go away in the days before my period starts. Swollen ankles always cause me to have some anxiety because my mother was hospitalized with her sixth child for toxemia and swollen ankles were the major problem she had. It just terrifies me when my ankles are swollen! The last doctor I went to told me it was because I'm getting old and the fluids from the body can't make it back up like they should. But once I started GAPS, I didn't have that problem, and have not experienced it until last night.

They look a little bit swollen tonight, too.

I also have this cold thing going on. This is the worst time to not have a huge pot of soup and having to be skimping on soup!

Okay, so here I go to take my detox bath.

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