Chicken Eggs

Day 502 Another Round of Intro uh some day on Stage 4

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I'm still here, I'm still on intro. I was inspired to make my very first “vlog” entry by Megan's Diary of a Mad GAPS Woman blog.

I woke up early this morning… thinking I would go outside in my garden and set up my camera and just say good morning and talk a little bit. I also decided this morning I need to own my own experience with intro. My intro isn't going to be like anyone else's. Each of us will have an experience different than another person. I had been feeling a bit as if I wasn't meeting up to expectations, but I need to just stop feeling that.

I showed my husband my short vlog, and then he said we should do another video. So we decided to do an interview and ask my husband about his GAPS Diet Journey. I love how we laugh together. 🙂

Thanks for my youngest son for giving me a few pointers on editing videos.

Here are a few more photos… two of my garden:

Spring Gardening in Arizona

Spring Gardening in Arizona

And one of the eggs [affiliate link] we gathered from the last three days. From the looks of it, we have at least four new layers. The bottom right egg is almost certainly from a new layer – I would be willing to lay odds there are two yolks in that extra long egg. You can see how the hen's body put two eggs together, they do that at first when they start laying. The top three are different colors; one is green, one is pinkish and the other is brown. They are small eggs, typical also for new layers. It's about time, girls!

Chicken Eggs

I have been feeling pretty good today, in spite of getting up at 3:30am!

I think I'm to lie down for a little while before making dinner.

How are you doing on your GAPS journey? 🙂


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8 thoughts on “Day 502 Another Round of Intro uh some day on Stage 4

  1. Hi Starlene,
    How sweet! You look awesome! and it looked so peaceful in your garden.

  2. @Cassie, thank you. I do feel so much better. My garden actually is frustrating, lol, since me and the gopher do battle all the time. I am about ready to resort to poison! Thanks for visiting and comenting! 🙂 So good to hear from you!

  3. @Cassie, so just for the record I should say he doesn’t really eat two or THREE boxes a day… but he does usually eat at least one entire box each day. In all honesty if I let it I would be a nervous wreck worrying over his “diet”. But I can only be a shining example (lol) and hope one day he realizes he can’t continue bombarding his body with all those toxins. Also, he will eat anything I cook, so I guess if I could get more organized I could probably steer him into eating more healthy foods. As I continue to have more energy, hopefully I will be able to do that more and more. Thanks for visiting and commenting!

  4. @Alicia, you’re welcome! I really had fun putting them together and I know one day my husband will come around and join me. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and watching my vlogs! 🙂

  5. Starlene,
    I LOVED watching your videos with you and your husband. Despite his diet (lol!), he was cracking me up. He has a good sense of humor! That’s what keeps us all sane, right? Thanks for sharing. jennifer

  6. @Jennifer, hi, yes, laughter does keep us sane, and he is totally a comedian. It is definitely one of the reasons I love him. 🙂

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