D495 Another Round of Intro Redux Stage 1 Day 1

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I decided since I had a few little mistakes that I would go back and start Intro over, but this time only do the first three stages in three days time. I plan to be on Stage 4 on Monday.

So today is my first day of starting intro again. I started a big pot of soup last night, starting out with two frozen chickens, cooking it super slowly all night long. I removed the meat around noon today and put all the skin and soft bits and bones back in to cook for a while longer.

I decided to make a concerted effort to take it easy today. I am usually going, going, going, going. And especially this being the weekend that income taxes should be complete, I would be stressing out about that. However, I already have decided to file an extension, and I already have an idea of our total tax liability and also what we have paid in for 2010, so I have an idea of what we might owe once everything is complete. So there was really no need to be stressing out about that, so I decided to purposely not worry about it.

Last night was a late night. I got home late after doing some grocery shopping, and  finally around midnight was going to bed, but I decided to go ahead and take a detox bath with a cup of apple cider vinegar. I seem to be fairly well acclimated to taking 30 minute detox baths without really paying attention to the time. I start the tub with hot water, put in the detox additive (Epsom salts, baking soda [affiliate link] or apple cider vinegar) and then once a couple of inches is in the tub I get in with my towel at the side of the tub, and the book I plan to read or my Kindle in its water protective case. I put my hands in the hot water as it is pouring from the faucet, that is so soothing to me. As the water grows warm, I turn the cold water down less and less until only the hot water is running. This means my hot water heater is nearing the end of its supply of hot water, and that's just about a nice tubful of hot water for me. After that time, I get my book and lie back in the water. Ahhhhhh…. so soothing.

I slept until around 8am and my husband didn't have to leave before daybreak as he usually does, so we spent some time together catching up from the last few days. That was nice. I decided when I got up, and still felt tired, that I would take another detox bath, and then maybe go back to bed and nap. After my bath, my husband reminded me he had a couple of checks he really needed to get to the bank so I did the deposit slip for him. For breakfast I had some of the chicken (I picked out some dark meat) with broth.

My son had planned to watch a movie called Office Space and agreed to stream it on the living room television using his laptop, so we watched that movie together. There were a few funny parts where we laughed, but we both agreed it was a waste of our time. I hate when that happens.

For lunch I had zucchini squash sliced and cooked in chicken broth, with chicken hearts. After that I felt tired and decided to lie down and nap for as long as I wanted. Usually my naps don't last longer than two hours, but sometimes I will wake up at two hours and fall asleep for another hour.

After I slept, I laid there trying to get my head straight that I was not to feel guilty or stressed for not having gotten anything “done” for the day. Taking care of me is getting something done.

Dinner will be chicken soup. I haven't found beef bones… although I do have a source through our coop I have to buy at least 1/4 beef at a time, and have been unable to come up with the funds to do that.

My husband bought me some beets a few days ago, with beautiful green leaves. I am thinking about making some beet soup. I love beets.

Also, I decided to see if I could forego butter for this little redux stint with intro. So far today, so good.

Baden talked about what she's seeing for herself and this round of intro in Day 5: Hanging out and ACV. One of the things she said, “Zero cravings”. That is one thing I had hoped to reset for myself is the desire for something sweet, which I think is why I have stopped seeing any significant weight loss in the last few months. I've been having little “snacks” throughout the day when I'm home for the day. One of my favorites is a spoonful of nut butter, sometimes with a dab of butter and honey [affiliate link], sometimes with some cocoa powder [affiliate link]. It's yummy, like eating frosting. And legal!

I'm thinking about going through the Stages of intro but maybe staying away from the high carb vegetables and fruit. I would like to get through intro to the point where I can have salad.

I am really pleased that I am having a bm every day, as it is common for someone new to intro to start experiencing constipation. Sometimes people who have been doing full GAPS will experience constipation once going on intro, which of course constipation means gut dysbiosis, the gut bacteria are not there or working properly to form and move the stool. Most people in the United States are highly dependent on fiber to form and move the stool.

I have learned that I need to be highly aware of the need to go, as I don't really get an “urge” to go, at least not like the loud urge one feels with large fiber laden stools. In the last couple of months it has been a bit of a challenge staying regular, as my stools seemed smaller than normal. But now, doing intro, I seem to have more stool but intro has less fiber than full GAPS. Does this mean my body likes being on intro better than full GAPS? Is the bacteria working better? Is it the avocado making my stool larger? I understand avocadoes are high in fiber (really?).

My husband brought in the three eggs [affiliate link] our hens laid, so I have three eggs for stage 2 tomorrow. I hope those girls get busy and start laying more eggs soon! We just bought a new batch of layers a few months ago, they should be about four months old now and should start laying soon. Hopefully by Easter as I have had a request for “Easter” eggs. We have Americauna hens which lay green shelled eggs.

Okay, so I guess that's my update for today. Tomorrow is my interview with Baden on my Blog Talk Radio show.

I am feeling tired. I wish dinner was already cooked. I would love to take one more detox bath and go to bed. Maybe I had better figure out how I can make that happen.

Good night.


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2 thoughts on “D495 Another Round of Intro Redux Stage 1 Day 1

  1. Wow Starlene, what a difference from your last few posts! You sound so calm & serene & happy. Restarting intro seems to have taken a weight off of your shoulders.
    I hope you got your second detox bath 🙂

  2. @Our Changes, I did get my second detox bath and used apple cider vinegar. I woke up about half an hour ago with a bit of cotton mouth feeling and felt hungry so I just saw your comment. I do feel better. I certainly felt agitated for a couple of days. I am sure getting more sleep has helped my mood considerably. Oh, in my bath I took candles with me and chose not to read but to just lie back and soak in the water which made me feel sleepy and relaxed. Usually I read with a light that is overhead – Lights Out says overhead lights at night can make our brain think it’s daylight (sun shining up there) so I thought I’d avoid that phenomenon.

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