D491 Another Round of Intro Stage 2 Day 1 & Stage 3 Day 1

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Well, it looks like I'll be combining two days with this daily report… last night I sat down to make this entry, but suddenly our power went out.

And it stayed out for two hours.

I was right in the middle of making dinner… for my husband and sons I was baking hamburger patties. New experiment… wasn't sure how it would turn out. I usually fry hamburgers but only four fit at once in my skillet so I thought I'd see how baking would work. I usually make enough burgers for dinner, plus more for my husband's lunch the next day.

For myself I was simmering a bell pepper, an onion (both sliced) in clear broth, and I'd intended to add in some ground beef once they were done. The power going out effectively shot that idea down.

Earlier in the day I'd had soup; the leftover vegetable soup I'd made on Friday and the new soup I concocted, the Cod Fish and Mushroom Soup both with a raw egg yolk stirred in. I also had a small glass beet kvass and some sauerkraut juice. I was ready for something different, hence the veggies and hamburger.

When the power went out, I went to check the vegetables, thankfully they were done. But I was starving, and I was hungry for meat, so I checked on the hamburgers. They were floating in their own juices and I checked to see if they were done. The edges were, and I was so hungry, so I ate baked burgers. No brown bits, and the middle was slightly pink, but they were so delicious to my hungry stomach. I think they were probably okay, although technically they should have been boiled in broth, not baked in the oven.

The only die-off symptoms seem to be that I'm feeling more tired than normal, and having more frequent urination. Other than that I think I'm doing pretty good. I haven't even been feeling too hungry… until I had to wait longer for dinner than I'd anticipated. Typically when a person starts on intro they are voraciously hungry. This is usually caused when they are coming to intro from a diet high in fiber. The stomach is accustomed to being filled with carbohydrates and fiber and there is often bloating. But since I've been on GAPS for sixteen months now my stomach is at a normal size rather than being stretched out of shape.

Which reminds me, I was thinking yesterday how peculiar it is that people actually go out of their way to eat carbohydrates and starch in order to “fill up” their stomach. People do it to infants who are much too young to be eating baby cereal. They think because the breast fed baby is hungry more often, that there is need for starches to fill the child up. Not necessary. And in fact fills the child with food that is not as nutritious as breastmilk.

Yesterday I was very stressed out… taxes are due this year on the 18th of April, and I had already planned to file an extension, but I needed to at least have an idea as to whether the  estimated payments we made last year were enough, or did we owe more? It was very harrowing, especially since I have not closed last year's books on three of our self-owned businesses. I was at my computer for hours on Saturday and yesterday nearly the entire day. I finally got to the point where it looks like we only owe another $30, that is my best estimation for now without having all the data in Quickbooks. I'm trying hard to stay up with everything this year so that tax time won't be such a bear next year. One major thing happened last year which wreaked all kinds of havoc… in July, my son did a backup clone of my hard drive, but unfortunately he accidentally reversed the direction of the clone, and ended up rewriting my current drive with the backup from three months earlier. I just about died when I realized that had happened. I had to recreate a lot of data, thankfully I had emergency backups from six weeks earlier, so I didn't lose an entire three months, but it was bad enough.

Today I had more of my leftover soup made on Friday, this time with egg yolk and an avocado. For lunch I had a redo of last night's failed attempt: clear broth, bell pepper, onion and hamburger. It was yummy. I shared with my oldest son, and he ended up eating the last of my Friday leftover soup along with his hamburger soup.

I'm tired again. I do not have time to take a nap. I would dearly love to take a nice long luxurious detox bath and crawl into bed, but I have to work tomorrow. If I nap now, I will not be able to get to sleep early enough to get up in time to get to work at 6am. Not to mention that I need to make another batch of soup (I already have clear broth and meat stock with the soft bits blended in prepared) and dinner for my husband and son.

I am not sure if I will stay on remain on Stage 3 tomorrow, or if I will move on to Stage 4.

All is well in the bm department. I don't really feel the “urge” to go any longer, due to having a much smaller stool, I just have to be aware that it might be time to go. As long as I stay in tune, no problems with constipation. Thank you, Konstantine Monastyrsky for authoring Fiber Menace, for I would not have known this had it not been for reading your very informative website and book.

True confession: I debated sharing this with you, as I would love for you to think I'm perfect, but then I thought… I am not perfect… I make mistakes and I fail sometimes. So here you go… at one point yesterday I totally failed on intro… my younger son had cooked some “bad” bacon (not nitrate free) and had it stashed in the door of the fridge. I was stressed out from doing our taxes, and wanted something quick to eat. I ended up eating two pieces of bacon.

I decided not to beat myself up over it.

I was proud of myself for stopping there.

I have been wishing to have peanut butter [affiliate link], but I have avoided the urge to grab a jar of it with a spoon and just start shoveling it into my mouth.

I've also wished for salad.

And fruit. And my younger son baked chocolate chip cookies! They smelled wonderful. But I know that I can make a GAPS legal version of cookies, just not right now.

So two pieces of illegal bacon was pretty darned good.

I feel guilty for eating bacon. I'm not someone to emulate. Point to me and think, “I don't want to be like her!”  🙂

Okay, enough of that.

Today is a new day, and I have succeeded today.



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  1. Thank you for being honest!! 😉 You are doing a great job and I love reading your blog! You are an inspiration!

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