Day 331 – Weight Update

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So today was the first, and I always step on the scale in the morning wearing my shorts and t-shirt and my men's casual wear shoes.

Last month on the 1st I was at exactly 188. My weight two weeks into GAPS was 232. However, as I harp every month, I probably lost weight those first couple of weeks on GAPS. I have lost weight. I am now at 184.8 pounds. That is an official loss of 47.2 pounds.

My fruit fast helped. Reading Lights Out: Sleep, Sugar, and Survival is really persuading me to stay off fruit.

Although if you read what I ate at conference, I did have some fruit there, but not much. I also had grapes while in the hotel, and I ate the carrot cupcakes with much wild abandon. Well, not too much. I did limit myself to two cupcakes a day, one for breakfast and one for another snack. They are not low in calories, that is for sure. I figured out they are about 400 calories each. But I am not counting calories. I also know it's silly to eat six in one day, that's really way too much.

I am back to my fruit fast today.

Also, I wanted to mention that my son is six pounds less than he was last month. He finally seems to have gotten off the fast food kick and has stopped asking his dad to stop at Taco Bell several times a week. I am not sure how that came about, but I am glad for it.

By the way, my thumbs are still bothering me. I am taking a new kind of glucosamine with MSM and it says to take 3 a day. I'm taking 3 twice daily. My right thumb joint now is swollen most of the time.

I really hate this. I keep thinking I need to join the Yahoo group again and ask the folks their for their input on what I should do.

I also think I remember reading somewhere that nuts cause inflammation so maybe I need to cut out the nut consumption. It is hard just eating meat and vegetables and the nuts are a nice extra food to have as a quick snack.

I am glad that my weight went down, but I don't know where it went down at since my waistline seems to be the same size.

I also think I'm eating too much food, period. I am going to try to cut down my portion sizes, just a little bit, or at least stop going back for seconds.

My husband and I are planning to go camping in about a month. The weather should be just about perfect then. It will finally be cooled down. I heard on the news that it is supposed to be up in the 90s this week. I wish it would just cool down already!

I have been taking 8000mg correction, make that 10,000mg daily of the powdered Vitamin C. I bought this Capsule Filler “Machine” for size OO capsules and it takes six capsules to get 40004998mg Vitamin C into me. I tried drinking the stuff, but I was worried about my teeth as it is very, very, very sour and horribly tart. I am trying to work my way up to “bowel tolerance” but so far I'm tolerating 8000mg a day just fine. The only thing is you aren't supposed to just stop taking Vitamin C. And I keep running out of the filled capsules. It is kind of frustrating because I don't have time to fill capsules every few days! I need to just sit down one day and spend a couple of hours filling capsules. And then I need to do a cost analysis and see just how much money I'm saving by filling the capsules instead of just drinking the stuff.

I wonder when I'll experience bowel tolerance. I just filled up more capsules and realized I am actually taking 5000mg morning and night.

We also bought some no flavor Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil and it is pretty bad in comparison to the cinnamint which was actually pretty good.

Well, I guess I need to go. I took a detox bath last night, and I think I need another one tonight. I have not been in the best of moods today and yesterday but that is likely from being at conference. They are long days. They start at 7am and go until 5pm or 6pm.

Good night.

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