Day 313 – Someone Called Me Picky Today

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Someone called me picky at my job today. The lady who did it is a fairly new employee… actually she's the one who took my son's place as cook. She wasn't saying it to be mean, I think she was kind of teasing. My boss was there and I said to my boss, “I didn't used to be picky, did I?” My boss said, “No, you used to be fun to cook for.” Then I said, “Yeah, that's when I was FAT.” 🙂

I was always known as being a good eater. The new lady doesn't really understand GAPS and she'll ask me if I'm vegan, or if my food tastes good. Of course it tastes good! That's the best thing about being on GAPS! I am hardly ever hungry, and it is so nice to be able to go without eating for a while without getting that nervous or shaky feeling which happened to me for years and years before GAPS.

It used to be that as soon as I felt hungry, I had to get something to eat. But now I can be so hungry that my stomach can be growling and if I don't eat right away it just stops growling and I'm okay. I don't have those same irritable, uncomfortable feelings when hungry like I used to before I started GAPS.

Even though it's okay for me to go without eating right away, I try not to make myself wait too long to eat. Because eventually I will get the nervous and shaky feeling, it just takes a lot longer. I'd say it's possible for me to wait as long as 2-3 hours once I feel hungry, and that is so liberating! I used to feel tied to food.

Today in the kitchen I was talking to another coworker and we were realizing Christmas is not too far away and soon we'll be having our staff Christmas potluck party. I already know that I won't be able to eat 95% of the food which will be brought for sharing, so I am going to have to plan for the occasion and bring food that I can eat. I think this year I will bring chili in a crockpot. That is always a favorite and I won't seem like a weirdo for bringing it. 🙂  Then I will have to make sure there are some vegetables and I will probably bring some kind of almond flour [affiliate link] baked good. I would also like to bring some kind of nut “candies” made with honey [affiliate link]. My coworker said she was going to bring something I could eat, and she started saying the things she can't bring. She teases me sometimes, asking me if I want a slice of cake. She is so proud of me every time I say No when she asks me. Anyway, she usually always brings salsa, so she asked me if I could eat salsa. I said I could, and then I said she should be sure to bring a big spoon because I will have to eat it like soup since I can't eat it with chips.

I have been very good on my fruit fast. Actually this week I had one tiny section of mandarin orange, but that is it. I think I also had a piece of fruit at the beginning of the month, but I forget.

Tomorrow I will be halfway through this month. I was thinking about going off my fruit fast for the conference I am attending the last week of the month because my food selection is so limited. But I am now thinking I should just stay off the fruit.

My renewed effort is in fact due in part to the book I mentioned a couple of nights ago, the one called Lights Out: Sleep, Sugar, and Survival by T. S. Wiley. I think I already mentioned that she says we should avoid eating fruit in the winter because it causes us to gain weight. I like it when I read books that confirm my own findings. And I really like it when they explain it in terms that I can understand.

Well, my weekend is here again. I wish the weather would stay cooled down! It has been back up to over one hundred degrees and while it is not horrible, it would be a lot nicer if it would cool down already!

Are you doing GAPS? I hope you will leave me a comment if you are and let me know how things are going for you today.

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