Day 310 – Cooler Weather Means More Soup!

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I am so glad that it is finally beginning to cool down a little bit. The mornings are almost nippy, well, at least they are when I'm out there milking at four o'clock in the morning. At least it's not 110°F during the day. I can almost tolerate my drive home since my car's air conditioning broke several weeks ago.

It's hard to eat hot soups during the summer, so I always look forward to the cooler weather because then I actually crave soup. My husband made his Best Chili last night. This time he put London Broil through the grinder and it really came out great. He also made cornbread for him and our boys, since I'm the only one doing GAPS here.

I love cornbread.

Chili just isn't the same without it. I've always had some type of carbohydrate/starch/bread type food with chili, like flour tortillas, cornbread or saltine crackers. But those are all not GAPS friendly,  so I decided to make myself some almond flour [affiliate link] biscuits. They turned out fairly good. At least I had something to go with my chili.

To update you on my thumbs. Yesterday is the best day I have had with them since they began hurting. I am taking the supplements twice a day. There is two kinds of pain with this problem. First of all, my thumbs were just aching when I was doing nothing at all. Then there was the pain while trying to do something, like open a doorknob, turn off the water faucet, use a can opener or open a jar. I can't believe I may be reduced to buying one of those jar openers. No matter the size, I'm in trouble when it comes to opening jars.

You know, growing old or rather, having pain, really has an effect of humbling a person. I have thought in my life, “How lazy that someone would need a jar opener. Come on. It's not that hard to open a jar!” Never once taking into consideration that the person might have arthritis or pain in their hands.

I'm usually horrible at taking supplements, but the fear of my thumbs hurting any worse is keeping me on task.

I am doing well on my fruit fast.

I was reading some of a book last night that I've had for a while: Lights Out: Sleep, Sugar, and Survival by T. S. Wiley. The chapter I flipped to was talking about not eating fruit during the winter because most places have a time of the year where fruit doesn't grow. The book suggested an appropriate diet, which seems very GAPS-like actually. I checked my Amazon account and found that I bought this book in April 2006! Back then, I probably saw the “diet” and couldn't read anymore, because back then I couldn't diet. I am pretty sure I bought the book because it is about getting enough sleep, and back in 2006 I was not getting enough – due to my back stiffening up after seven hours, which as you know stopped after I'd been on GAPS for less than two weeks. I am going to have to read this book again and see how it reads through my GAPS lens.

The weather. It is starting to cool down finally, and that always means soup! Thankfully most of my favorite soups are GAPS legal, and I love to experiment so I'm hoping to come up with some new recipes to post here soon!

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