Day 300 – Weight Update

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Well, I knew it was going to happen sooner or later. Especially with this last month eating fruit with wild reckless abandon when I already learned a few months ago that eating fruit causes me to be hungrier and I don't lose weight during the months when I eat fruit.

But it wasn't too horrible. I gained one pound. I'm back to 188.

I was still able to fit in my size 14 jeans so I knew it couldn't have been too much, although all month long I was dreading getting on the scale, imagining that I might have gained five or ten pounds. But that isn't realistic when I can still fit into size 14 jeans! They would have at least been too tight to zip.

For the event last night, I found a beautiful black skirt, it cost me only $5.99 from Savers. I also found a pair of nice black heels by Naturalizer! They were only $6.99 and they are SOOO comfortable.

I did indulge in two small plates of fruit at the event, which is quite a bit of fruit for me. I had several grapes, two thin slices of cantaloupe, a thin slice of honeydew, several chunks of watermelon and an orange cut into fourths. Fruit is so yummy and delicious now that my taste buds are not accustomed to having sugar. I did also have some cauliflower by itself since I'm not doing dairy, and no telling what was in the dip.

I also have not been happy with my energy levels. I've slacked off on making my bed and folding my clothes. It's becoming difficult to just get my clothes into the washing machine. Heavens, what if I had to take them to a creek and pound them on a washing board? It just wouldn't get done.

My period started on the 31st, and I am just thrilled to have no cramping and no PMS whatsoever.

However, I have been feeling some depression again. No anxiety attacks, and I've been sleeping well, but I think I need to get off the fruit and see how I do. I have a feeling getting off the fruit is going to help my general mood quite a bit. It is just difficult to let go of something once it's been added back in.

My thumbs have still been hurting and my mom told me that she has to take glucosamine chondroitin every single day or she has pain from arthritis all through her body. I've been taking one a day for the last few days but so far it doesn't seem to be making much of a difference. It is pretty discouraging to have pain like this. I'm beginning to wonder if I need to buy a new bottle since this one expired in 2008. Isn't that dumb of me to expect an expired bottle of supplements to still work?

Speaking of my mom… she ended up eating some sauerkraut that she'd made back in April. My mom LOVES sour, and she said she smelled it to see if it was any good – about one cup was left – and tasted it and it was so delicious that she ate three heaping tablespoons at once. Well, I guess she got too many probiotics because the next thing she knew she was in terrible pain with gas which lasted for two days. The gas was staying inside and wasn't coming out, just moving around and causing her a lot of pain. I told her maybe she should try doing introduction, and just have broth and cooked vegetables and boiled meats. She decided to do that, and after a day started to feel better. She has now been having chicken soup every day, but she still is eating her buckwheat pancakes, she is just afraid to give them up.

Well, that's about it for now.

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