Day 241 – I Cleaned the Kitchen Tonight

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Usually after dinner everyone just piles their dishes into the kitchen, in the sink or on the counters. My husband usually washes the dishes when he gets up in the morning.

Tonight after I ate dinner my only thought was to write a Daily Report on how my day went today, but then I thought, maybe I should just tidy up the kitchen… maybe it won't be so hard to clean on the weekends if I stay on top of it every night after dinner.

It took me 15 minutes to wash the dishes (by hand, we don't have a dishwasher and I would own one anyway), wipe the counters and the stove. I washed three sinkfuls of dishes and dried and put two loads away. And we have those deep sinks! I can't believe how many dishes we use. My youngest son actually made dinner for us tonight, and he washed the dishes earlier in the day, and the kitchen was tidy when we got home. After dinner it was like a whirlwind had struck.

He cooked butter fried chicken breast and vegetables earlier in the day so they were cold once I got home. I put on some frozen green beans because he hadn't made enough vegetables for dinner, and for my lunch tomorrow. I also put together a salad.

I had to take Kava Kava today. I had a problem with our financial database and it was messing with my head, I couldn't figure it out. I got up and took a walk around the building, on the outside. That helped me to clear my head. I wanted to just ignore the problem, but it was one of those problems where you have to face it and figure it out or else you can't go on to anything else.

Food roundup for the day:

Breakfast on the way to work: 2 cups vegetable soup with butter

Snack about 9am: avocado

About 11am I walked over to the Circle K for cashews, they come in a 1.5 ounce. They are a cheat since they are roasted, and so they are GAPS illegal

Then I got so busy I didn't eat anything else for the rest of the day. I was okay with it. I could feel myself getting a little bit on edge and irritable, but I handled it.

I was really glad when I found out my son had made the butter fried chicken breasts, one of my favorite things.

So dinner was butter fried chicken breast, salad, and vegetables with butter.

I had enough leftover for lunch.

I did not work out today, but I did keep my goal to not eat any fruit. Yay me!

And my goal was to be in bed by 6:30 and it just turned 6:31 on my computer's clock. I had better say good night!


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One thought on “Day 241 – I Cleaned the Kitchen Tonight

  1. What is butter fried chicken breast? Exactly what it says? I can’t wait to have butter again.

    Good for you cleaning up the kitchen in the evening! That must have felt good.

    When I was supplementing for Adrenal Fatigue I never tried Kava Kava. How does it help?

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