Day 225 – Recreating Data

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I was dreading this weekend, since I knew I'd have to buckle down and work many hours a day to recreate data I'd lost during the backup disaster.

Yesterday I made excellent progress. I managed to recreate my husband's invoices in Quickbooks. Thank goodness I got into the habit of writing the check number and amount with customer name on the duplicate copy of the deposit register so I could recreate the bank deposits. For that matter, thank goodness I invested in duplicate deposit registers! Otherwise I would probably have ripped my hair out by the handful.

As it was, I had to take Kava Kava yesterday because I could feel myself tensing up.

Today I resolved to spend at least two hours doing housework, which ended up extending into three hours. But I did all the chores I've been doing, got everything neat and tidy again, AND… tackled one portion of my bathroom floor. My dear husband leaves the newspaper all over the floor in both bathrooms and my bathroom floor was covered with newspaper. And I have a cat litter box in there, so litter was kicked around. My bathroom is a mess, but thanks to this morning it is a little tidier. I also poured some vinegar into the toilet so it can start working on the lime and calcium deposits that have built up. I know it just takes time to get everything in order. And as long as I have the energy to keep it in order… this is going to be so interesting to see if I end up losing steam like I have in the past. Somehow, I don't think that's going to happen this time. I only hope my feelings are right.

I also tidied up our bedroom again, I don't want it to turn into the disaster area it was a few months ago.

Also, my youngest son cleaned off the table, which was stacked a foot high with all kinds of stuff. Now if we can just keep that tidy.

Today I finally remembered to swallow some frozen liver – after I'd worked on the house for almost three hours. I swallowed some chunks that were just a tad too big, and too frozen! Agh. Brain freeze from frozen liver.

Some of the liver was melted and when I put it into my mouth it didn't seem to have any flavor at all. It wasn't too bad at all.

I also took my cod liver oil, the first time I've had that in days. I also need to buy some Vitamin E oil and maybe some of the other things suggested to me to help with these hot flashes.

Well, I just wanted to give a quick update on how I'm doing, but now I need to get back to work.

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